50 Shades of Grey (Hair): L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color Review

How timely that I was just reading The Kit‘s YOU SHOULD section by Ceri Marsh, as I was planning to post a bunch of random Reviews, starting with this, on Healthy Look: A 10-minute Creme Gloss Color by L’Oreal Paris.

Okay, so this really has nothing to do with the Summer’s best-seller, Fifty Shades of Grey, that I haven’t read (yet). But kudos to Ceri Marsh and The Kit for the witty use of the title in talking about going all-out grey, a la model Carmen Dell’Orefice and actress Helen Mirren. Or not. According to this article, Toronto’s Hair on the Avenue, Luis Pacheco, ‘starts to see grey hairs around the time clients turn 30′. (Er..mm..That was a few years ago, for me!) I love his take on embracing grey: “It’s a natural part of life… It doesn’t have to mean you’re letting yourself go. If the rest of your look is stylish- your cut, your clothes, your makeup- I say embrace it!” He goes on to say, ..”In this youth-obsessed era, there’s a certain ‘@#&%you’ about going grey with grace”.

Having said that, stress and emotional strain of late (and okay, sun damage from paradise on earth beach resort, Boracay Philippines) haven’t exactly helped me age too gracefully. And even if on good days, and thanks to my Filipino genes- I think I have aged well (and look younger than my years) ..*Sigh* I no longer get the <Gasps> and “No Way!” responses to me revealing my true age. I know. Because I tried it. Twice. And all I got were blank stares (as if to say, “Uh-huh, and…?”) [Thud]

Glossy healthy-looking colour

Oh-K-A-Y Then… So, off I went and tried this 10-minute wonder out to hide the few greys that were annoyingly popping out and up around my crown!:(

The box says, ‘Glossy healthy-looking colour’ and ‘Softly blends away greys’. Aannnd Shoppers had it on Sale for $6.99. Sold! At the very least, I was hoping to even out my hair color and conceal the odd greys. It claims to last through 28 shampoos, to be naturally refreshing, and not a drop of ammonia. Even for first timer, the box states that it works for everyone: natural, colour-treated [check], highlighted and even heat-damaged hair [check].

Did it work? Yes.

Was it easy to use? Yes. Comes with disposable gloves and easy to follow instructions.

Did it deliver? Yes- but not up to 28 shampoos in my case. More like up to 20, before my pesky greys started to wave “Oh hey!” on top of my head again. And No. Because the Before (Natural Hair Color picture) which matched mine, did not match its After picture as shown on the box’s Personal Shade Selection Guide. My hair came out a lot darker.

shades of dark brown hair color

The Personal Shade Selection Guide. I should have gone with the lighter shade of Dark brown as per the Expert Tips: If you hesitate between 2 shades, choose the lighter one’.

What did I love about it? My hair did look shinier and healthier after usage It was actually non-drip, super quick, and I loved the Healthy Shine Conditioner with Royal Jelly, which could be used for up to 6 weekly treatments.

creame gloss color


I’d buy this again. But I think I’ll get my hair re-styled by a Pro first. It’s about time. What are your thoughts on going grey and embracing it, or not?

(PS. Sorry about the poor quality photos!)

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4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey (Hair): L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color Review

  1. The 10 minute product did the job, but the new 20 minute formula simply does not cover the grey. Tried different shades, grey stays grey even if the product is left on the hair 10 minutes more than indicated in the instructions.

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    • Hi Michelle,
      I’m not sure which is the 20-minute product, but I’m glad that the 10-minute product (you mean The L’Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color, right?) did the job for you, too. Just wish it would hide the greys a bit longer/as stated.

      Thanks for reading my blog, and for commenting!

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  2. I’m planning on using this product for cosplay events, I’ve used a similar product before but it’s not being made anymore. So I’ve resulted in trying this one. I’m young and I don’t want my real hair colour to be damaged by the purple. Does your natural hair colour come back (after a few weeks of washing) completely?

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    • Hi Amelia,

      I know this is a super late reply, so I hope you’ve already gotten your answer!! The best thing to do is to keep your natural hair well conditioned and healthy, and do a strip test someplace inconspicuous, to see how well your hair “takes to the color” as it develops. Follow instructions on the box, and always READ the box to see if you’re using a Permanent, or in your case a

        temporary or semi-permanent color

      In this case, your natural color should come up again after 6-8 weeks. Or if using a wash off formula, right after a good shampoo! Good Luck!



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