Don’t forget mom! (Reposting)


If you’re a bride-to-be and thinking whether or not to have mom(s) be included in the hair and makeup services for your bridal party, here’s a few tips. ▪ For most moms I’ve met, your wedding day can represent one of the most wonderful yet bittersweet day in their lives. However happy they are for you and your partner, the days and nights leading up to your big day and the morning of, can be overwhelming. They try to help and not step on anyone’s toes at the same time.… Click here to read more

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Under construction

It seems that my latest posts are not showing up on my website. Sorry about that. (This is a test while I’m troubleshooting). If you are looking for a quote, please email me at with details of your event and which services you require.

Thanks you!

Merry… Click here to read more

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Mat leave life…


Still one of my fave lip products! Sorry I haven’t done any product reviews lately. But I will if requested. Between, my 9 year old, 11 month old, businesses, running a home, work and volunteering, it’s just not as much of a priority. I AM however, continuing to take bookings for 2017/18. Please email for inquiries.

For more of my work related photos, head over to my other IG account: @makeupandhairbymerry xoxo

#matleavelife #makeupartistlife… Click here to read more

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Happy New Year!

It’s still only January so I can still say Happy New Year, right??:) I’m currently taking bookings for 2017/18 and haven’t been on the blog much lately. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy. A selection of my work (hair and makeup) for the BlushPretty Team and Makeup by Merry!

Some makeup or hair work by my team mates where I was on either hair OR makeup are included – by Anna, Donna, Tess and Giselle of @BlushPretty, with assisted work by Tricia and Sham. … Click here to read more

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