R.I.P. to one of Brit’s Greatest Talents

As much as I love my job and makeup, I must admit–keeping up with fashion hasn’t always been my thing. I always felt pressured to try to look the part, even when my self-image was at its worst. Unfortunately–that was at a time when I was thrusted upon the TV camera’s and on stage to talk about what the latest makeup trends were! I cringe at the sight of my hair scrunchy holding up my half up ‘do of my untamed hair as I tried to portray someone who was all together, confident and on top of the Beauty Industry in the Philippines.

I love (and still do) to shop at Mango and Zara. But I also acknowledge the change in lifestyle I’ve had to go through when we moved to Toronto, and WHEN I DO shop, I’d turn to Jacob, Old Navy and Costa Blanca to try and put something together without going out-of-pocket. Keeping up with the fashion scene is a must when you’re a makeup artist. The collaboration between top designers and their key artists and cosmetic brands used on runway shows, often dictate the trends in cosmetics… But to be perfectly honest, I still dress for comfort and feel more true to myself, in non designer brands. Doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye on what’s happening in the Fashion scene though!

I mean, there are some insane, simply artistic runway collections out there…Like Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2010′s depiction of what’s going on in the economic climate of late with the cutting back on this and that. There were models in ball gowns and dresses of layers and layers of tulle with chunks sliced right through the skirts as if someone came at it with a lazer sharp sword… Really visually clever. And there’s Armani at his best, with abstract graphic patterns on super chic uniquely-Armani silhouettes and cuts, Versace’s and Anna Sui’s feminine dresses with lilac’s, yellows, and psychedelic prints etc.

… And of course, let’s not forget Alexander McQueen’s impeccable designs and some of his most unforgettable runway shows. Rest In Peace. He called himself  “a bit of a wall flower” and he was a very grounded talented Brit designer. Known for his anti establishment views, anarchic ways as well as his award-winning designs, we say goodbye to Alexander McQueen, whose death (last Thursday) stripped Britain of one of its most creative talents. He was a wonderful example of the successful blend of art and commerce. Many fashion designers have created tricky, almost wilfully complicated clothes, but few manage the knack of making them actually wearable.

To end on a high note: Take a look through the cosmetic brands’ counters and you’ll see some pretty Spring colors and looks already on display. Spring has always been my fave seasonal range in the Industry simply because the collections I’ve worked with in the past have always looked so light, fresh and pretty on my clients. Just the kind of makeup I’m personally drawn to. Looks so natural and easy-to-do, and not as if you’ve sat in front of a mirror for an hour! Now and again, I love to go all out and put on some false lashes and a strong red violet lipstick, but when I just want to look and feel pretty–Spring Collections do just that AND add a youthful glow to winter weary faces out there. Refreshing, after the previous year’s Fall and Holiday looks which are usually richer in shades and full of sparkle.

Here’s a quick view of what was happening in some of Spring 2010′s more wearable runway looks:

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