Any Takers?

Help me find these babies a new home (kit)… Moving Sale!!!

UPDATE: Thanks Miss J, Steph, Sam and Arianne for helping me out. xo

Note to #TBB’s:  DM me on Twitter @Makeupbymerry

makeup moving sale

I’m sorry to say I haven’t been posting/updating lately. I’ve a lot going on (behind the scenes) and to add to it all, my work in the Industry is taking another hit. Just when I felt ready to push up to the next level again. This job needs a certain “energy” I just don’t have right now.

Thank you to my clients, who took this news so well and were all SO understanding. It pained me so much to back out on you. I have NEVER done this before. But my family comes first. And to the work I’ve done and am doing right now, rest assured that I will be giving you 100% (=God’s Grace + sweat).

I’m just here… I’ll be right back when I catch my breath. Perhaps in a new place…

God Bless you all and stay beautiful.

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