Autumn’s Must-Have Lips

[My thoughts yesterday morning]

5 degrees C.?! What happened to all the in-between 5-40 degrees Celcius days? Woke up to a chilly Autumn morning, today.

I’m finding it hard not to miss the hot Summer temperatures we’ve enjoyed until 3 weeks ago. But since Autumn really is here…I’m layering up, and going with the flow. Where else could I start but by switching up my wardrobes?

Let’s begin with Makeup.

I posted a round-up of this season’s beauty trends a little while back here. And it’s obvious from the Lips and Eyes Collage on my post, and even throughout the recent Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Red Carpet moments, that red lips is the on-trend way to go. It’s literally been, go Red or go Bare (lips) for trendsetters of late.

I love how a single pop of color can instantly brighten up a face. Drab to Fab with an instant “Hollywood Silver Screen” touch of the perfect crimson pout, paired with glowing flawless skin, and sculpted cheeks.

I’ve always been a fan of the flawless polished, fresh complexion. And if it weren’t for my puffy and dark under eye circles and bags (and ok, my conservative Business English/ESL students) -I’d be more about lips! It’s so much faster than playing up the eyes! I used to feel very self conscious about my big lips growing up… But now, I embrace them in all their fullness and crooked-ness. (Let’s pretend that’s a real word).

There’s so many fantastic REDS in the makeup world these days! Generally, I go for blue undertones to complement my (fast fading) tanned, yellow under-based skin tone. Blue tones berries and reds versus the orange/yellow toned reds, which tend to look better on fairer skin.

(Off the top of my head, meaning there’s more than 10, but I can only recall these right now):

My Top 10 Red Lipsticks are: 

1) NARS PureMatte Lipstick in Terre de Feu -for a Matte look (I get the most compliments with this one).

2) MAC Lustre Lipstick in Resolutely Red -for a glossy finish (seen on my lips below)

3) Laura Mercier Sexy Lips and 4) Healthy Lips – for Sheer lip colors

5) Shiseido Makeup Perfect Rouge RD613 Mystery (New!)

6) Anna Sui Lip Rouge Vivid Royal Red

7) Vasanti Cosmetics Chile -Ultra Luxe Lipstick, and 8) USA- for a soft matte red.

9) MAC Sin (seen on my lips below)

10) MAC Film Noir- more of a darkest maroon, than a red (seen on my lips below).

Click on the images below, to view them close-up in the gallery.

Sculpted cheeks and Fall's red lips

Sculpted cheeks and Fall’s red lips go hand in hand, along with a glowing flawless face. To add “pop” and sculpt the typically flatter contours of (my) Asian cheekbones: 1) Use brush handle to look for the hollow under cheekbone,
2) Use a dense sable shading brush to apply a “shadow” contour line from center of ears towards – but not into the outer corner of mouth (MUFE’s sculpting Kit Duo). Go back and forth along the diagonal, blending the edges out and fading towards the mouth.
3) Blend Creme blush over the apples of cheeks as a base, then
4) Add a highlighting glow along the tops of cheeks up to temples, and down center of nose line (MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Light/Natural OR NARS Multiple Copacabana) and
5) Follow with a powder blush to soften any edges and “bring out” cheekbones. Brushing down any signs of harsh lines, so that the blush looks like it’s a part of you, and not sitting on top of your skin. 🙂

Don’t forget to groom and fill in sparse brows, and lengthen and volumize lashes with mascara.


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