Autumn/Winter 2013 – Runway Trend Report

Ok, so I haven’t been the most consistent “blogger” over summer, but in my defense, it was a busy season and I am first and foremost, a mom, a teacher/trainer and a makeup artist and don’t blog for a living. That said, I did say I’d be posting my In Beauty 2013-14 Autumn/Winter report “next” ( or as soon as I was ready to say farewell to summer). The plan was to post this as the calendar turned officially to Fall … but the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having in Toronto lately, helped me to er… procrastinate a little longer <sheepish grins>. Until today and this weekend’s grey and rainy forecast! So here it is.

Flicking quickly through the pages, I’m tempted to say this report shouldn’t take too long. (Which works for me!) I see fuller, but natural brows, the usual Autumn hues of browns, copper tones, and charcoal smoky eyes, with some fun blues, versus the more natural barely-there palette. Lips have a richer berry or burgundy tone (Burgundy being the new black this season, for apparel!) blue-reds and some fun hot pinks on lips thrown in the mix. Skin is barely there and flawless (of course). Hair – a mixture of sleeked straight (flat ironed) and sculpted curls (think “pumped up” 40s and finger-wave inspired 20s) rather than the romantic loose curls of the last couple of seasons.
There were also throw-backs to past seasons’ runway influences such as punk, jeweled lips (Dior for S/S 12-13), embellished or applique eyeliner and lashes, and colorful dyes on pin curls (Givenchy A/W 2013-14)- but that’s the extreme. I’m usually just interested in the “runway to real way” of the trends!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…The seasonal Beauty trends are pretty easy to predict.  Iridescent, glowing looks for spring with pretty pastels and unexpected hues as accents on the liner or even lashes; glowing, bronzed skin for summer with fun pops of color- especially bold lips like the orange and hot pink, or purple last season (red is always a given); richer chocolatey eye palettes with fun army greens, purples, and metallics, and berry tones on lips for autumn, and the usual fun, lash-tastic Holiday look with a dash of shimmer. Lashes don’t really come out of fashion, though. Do you ladies agree? This season just throws the unexpected nude-look out there, just to change things up a bit. Anyone a fan?

It’s all about “the clash of light and dark” this beauty and fashion season.
I like to keep up with the trends for myself as well as for my Makeup Workshops (especially for Tricks’n'Trends), which by the way you can book for a private class or for groups throughout the year. Email me at to inquire. But just like with fashion, it’s good to know what’s “in” but not all trends need to be seen on one’s face/body (especially not all at once!)…

Consumers and makeup artists alike can easily get carried away and buy the latest seasonal or limited edition makeup collections. I love them, too! But, I also love being practical. So it I see what’s out there and realize that I already have those shades in my palettes and kits, there’s no need to spend my hard earned money to buy more (you know, just because the new collection’s packaging is so darned adorable!).

Be smart, and save your money for better things. But do treat yourself once in a while. <wink>

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