Beat-The-Clock Summer Makeup

Clockwise from top left: Nars Multiple Tints, MAC Power Kohl pencil, Nars Pressed Powder in Beach, MUFE HD Blush in #6, Nars Lim.Ed Duo Multiple in Maui/Palm Beach, Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Pressed Powder, Nars Primer, Cinema Secrets Foundation/Concealer palettes, Yaby Setting Powder and The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain.

I spend 30-45 minutes with a client who’s looking for a fresh new look at events. That’s with skin care, and charted products for their face eyes, cheeks and lips. On a quiet day, consultations can go on for up to 1 hour each!

I always say, “ideally, you would do this …apply this first, then this, -like that…then, blend this on top…” and so on. But if you’re a career girl and a mom at that, this “Ideal” won’t cut it. Sure it’s fun and fab to see your makeup looking fierce after you’ve spent time on it for a night-out…But if you want to look gorgeous everyday and step (read run) out to work looking pretty in 5-10mins tops, you’ll need to skip some steps and save ‘em for later while choosing the right products and applications to get you Hello-world, look-at-Me! “Effortlessly pretty”! (tee hee)

Even just 5-minutes is forever in the TV world, so we’re trained to look at the guests (like in the Daytime Toronto makeup room) and quickly assess what to do to get them camera ready and flawless. The men -often just a bit of concealer and/or foundation and powder, and bronzer maybe) but the female guests and host, Myrocia (miss you!) have their flawless base, eyes, lips, cheeks, brows, lashes and even some contouring here and there, done to make them look day-time ready (pun intended) and TV set-lighting compensated.

My top picks and tips for perfect beat-the-clock Summer makeup:

  • Don’t skip on moisturizing your face! Believe me, the main diff between the clients I see with beautiful and problem skin, is that those with healthier looking skin take the extra minute to moisturize daily and nightly. Choose a moisturizer with an SPF, to save time on applying a separate sun block. Foundations can also contain SPFs to benefit from on top of your moisturizer. Leave the serums for night-time, when our skin does its healing and rejuvenating the most. And when exposure to the sun (even on cloudy days) won’t break down the vitamin content of the serum!


  • Put some Foundation Primer/Prebase on first! Not only does it help to protect and soothe your skin with its botanical contents (NARS Primer) it will also keep your makeup on longer, so you can forget about it. (I skipped it 2 days in a row, and my makeup looked washed off on some parts, and streaked on others! Eeek!!) Choose a dual foundation (powder foundations can be better for combination skin types and give more coverage where you need it, and less where you don’t when applied with a face brush). Cream foundations, can double up as concealers in regular “problem” areas ie. under the eyes, around the nose, corners of the mouth and chin. I like Cinema Secrets Foundation/Concealer Pallete 3 for Asian skin tones. The middle shade blends in so well on my skin tone and my flatmate and friend (“sis”) and I have been using it as a quick blend all-over concealer for years. It’s available online or at Hiscott’s and Yorkville School of Makeup and Esthetics Store at 70 Yorkville Ave. Toronto. Tinted Moisturizers (a light weight and dewy finished foundation) look great and can be applied with fingertips, but won’t cover dark under eye circles and blemishes, so you’ll need to apply separate concealer(s) on top like my Secret Concealer and Camouflage by Laura Mercier or my light-weight but heavy/adjustable cover: Nars tube concealers in Ginger and Custard.  [Your into your 2nd-3rd min.]

Tip: If you have your perfect shade of foundation, it should look seamless even if you just apply it onto the shadowed areas and nowhere else! If you don’t look better wearing your foundation than not, you’re either wearing the wrong shade, or you aren’t applying/blending it correctly.

  • Keep your brows plucked/waxed/threaded and groomed, so you can save time by skipping your brow makeup or pencil in the morning and just brush them up and out with a clean mascara wand or a Brow groomer for a quick “lift”. Assess you face and make a choice: Do I need to fill in my brows? Or, will they be ok with a quick brush of gel? Are my eyes going to look defined enough with my fantastic mascara? Or, Do I need an eyeliner too? Pencil or Kohl liners are easier to apply in a rush, coz you can just apply it over your lash bed in dashes and blend together with a small smudge brush, the back-end of the pencil, or a sponge brush. Liquid or Gel liners may take a trained/Pro’s touch to perfect in a quick swish of the brush or applicator! [4th min]

Example: My bangs go over my groomed brows, so i skip them and use the time to apply my eyeliner to define and my mascara to “open” up my almond-shaped eyes. Whereas someone with thicker lashes that make their eyes appear like they have a permanent liner may be able to skip a liner in place of just their mascara (make a zig-zaggy motion near the roots of your lashes to create a liner-like look under the mascara!) and powder or a pencil to fill in and groom their brows.

  • A multi-purpose product for the lips & cheeks or eyes, lips and cheeks can finish off the look on the 5th minute. I love love love the original 3-in-1 product: NARS Mutliple! The handy stick form can be applied directly on, or with a sponge/brush applicator on the eyes, lips, cheeks, face, collar bones etc.- depending on the shade. The new Multiple Bronzer comes in 4 (Malaysia, Rapa Nui, Cap Vert and Tuomota) shades and can be used all over the face and body to give a cream-to-powder finish. I love using it as a subtle contour and to add warmth to my face. Try the NARS Multiple Tints to add a bright but sheer pop of color to lips and cheeks or…And I’m still a fan of my Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain for a fresh pretty rosy glow (easier to apply than Benefit cosmetics’ BeneTint). Make Up For Ever’s new HD Blush can also double as lip stains as their products are made safe for multi-use unless otherwise stated in their packaging, (as I mentioned on my last video how-to post).

Tip: Keep lips soft and smooth by applying lip balm or vaseline over wet (water, not saliva please) lips over-night. Then slough off with a soft towel or toothbrush in the morning before reapplying lip conditioner/balm.

  • Keep your look on long-wearing and fresh-looking by brushing on or pressing on some Translucent (Setting) Powder, paying more attention to areas where you’d normally start smudging and show shine faster, like on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

Tip: Loose powder can be cumbersome to carry around in your purse, so keep it at home to set your makeup (especially eyeliners) and bring a pressed powder (compact) to maintain your makeup. Loose powder sets, Pressed Powder maintains. ;)

Try out my picks and tips and you won’t be missing the bus or that 5-minute window between a hassle-free drive to work and a bumper-to-bumper rush hour jam.

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