Beauty & Bling Swap – Charity Event

beauty bling swap

I first heard about this event from the Toronto Beauty Bloggers email blast from Farah (@FacesByFarah), then shortly after, I read Elaine & Ashley’s shout-out on Toronto Beauty Reviews and decided to sign-up. I’m glad I did!

I had an all-day video shoot on location at three different spots downtown, that ended at a location near Jarvis, where this event was held. So I had no excuse not to go after booking it! But I admit my heart sank when I realized no other Toronto Beauty Bloggers (TOBBs) would be able to make it, and that I almost chickened out, when my shoot ran behind schedule.

Signing up meant that I discovered the Uniiverse group and their great interactive site! And I got rid of some of my gently used but mostly brand new makeup and accessories in exchange for “new” ones. Plus, I think Touchstone is a great Charity, so I hope a lot of donations (Raffle ticket fees) went to this cause at the end.

beauty bling swap

The Lovely organizers, Zenith, Tracy & Julie

I had all intentions of arriving by 5pm to drop off my stash for the swap and mingle, network, and all that before the swapping began at 6pm. But, my shoot ended late and by the time I had lugged my kits and walked there from Church St. (where the Street Car had stopped and let everyone off!) it was coming up to 6pm… Hot and a tad flustered, the organizers helped me sort myself out with a greeting that confirmed my thoughts..Something like, “..most of the good stuff’s taken (gone) now, but we can still put your stuff in and give you tickets to swap with”…

Makeup Stuff

The stuff I brought in, were snapped up before I even saw them hit the tables!

The three pretty girls,  perked up as soon as I mentioned The Toronto Beauty Bloggers! They should be proud of themselves and take notes on how this event went to improve on it the next time. Most feedback’s been great, but I agree with Ev Makarenia, who commented on the deep tables and suggested longer, narrower tables would allow less crowding and reaching, next time. I did arrive late, so my fault for missing out on the better swaps, but I think some of the not so just “gently used” stuff should not have been accepted. I don’t know whether- not enough pickings being dropped off, was a factor or not to begin with, since I wasn’t there for the Drop Off. However, I think that it was a bit naughty of those who didn’t follow the guidelines on what could be brought in or not, and up to the organizers to filter.

They put a cap on total of swap items at 30 each, and you got 1 ticket per Beauty, and 1 per Accessory product you’d brought in. Which you could swap with the same quantity of each category: I brought in 3 pieces of fashion accessories, and 10 beauty items (ranging from Laura Mercier, The Body Shop, NYX and Majolica Majorca) so, I could get 3 pieces of “Bling” and 10 “Beauty” products in exchange.

I circled around both tables and waited for a few other things to be added, said hello to a few people, and decided I was done (1x item short due to lack of choice and entirely my decision). Nice to see other girls having fun there and took a couple of pics!

Bling items

Some of the guests looking through the Bling (front) and Beauty table (behind) for their swap items

makeup workshop venues

I took this photo mainly for the space, which they use for events, on Uniiverse. Hmmm.. I’ve been looking for makeup workshop venues!

The ladies said thanks, I bought raffle tickets for the Starbucks basket and left with some gifts, swap stash, and hopefully new friends, too! Oh and there were also refreshments and a free makeover table at the back, but I didn’t capture them on cam.

makeup accessories

What I came away with – accessories were more for my mini-me, rather than to my own liking by the time I got there, but I’ve seen other Blog Posts on better pickings by those who actually got there on time!


Thanks Zenith and Uniiverse! And Farah, Elaine and Ashley for sharing the invite :)

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6 thoughts on “Beauty & Bling Swap – Charity Event

    • You’re welcome Jaclyn! Thanks for having us and for stopping by to read my post:)

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  1. Awesome post! I actually brought those press-on nails to the swap – they look fantastic on you! I just never seem to use press ons; I paint my nails a lot instead. That’s what this swap is all about! And that’s me in the pic at the bling tabe (off the shoulder tan peasant top) so I guess we were there at the same time! You still got a pretty good haul of items from the swap. I’ve actually joined Toronto Beauty Bloggers as well – just gotta put up the graphic on my site.

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    • Oh haha, that’s so funny CityGirl! Thanks for the imPRESS nails. I’ve never tried them before now and they’re great! So easy to use and a real eye-catcher, judging from all the compliments I got on them, today. I guess I’ll be seeing you soon, fella TOBB;) We seem to have the same taste in makeup (brands) too! xo

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