Beauty Finds #1

One of the brushes I tend to lose (misplaced? Stolen? Borrowed forever??) most often is my Cheek Colour/Blusher Brush. Second on the list would be my Flat Liner brushes! So I pack 2-4 at least just in case. But when I lost my Nars Yachiyo Brush ($50.00), I was so sad… 🙁

The Yachiyo Brush …”With its gently tapered spiral dome head, this brush is perfect for application of powder and color. Its multi-functional design is excellent for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion, as well as blending and diffusing color on or around the eye area. The handle of the Yachiyo brush is hand-spun with black wisteria to preserve its unique traditional character. ..”

I’m thinking of replacing it, but it isn’t cheap. So, while browsing inside a Beauty Bar, I came across this Yachiyo Brush at a Japonesque display and am quite tempted to grab it! It looks the same apart from the color…but I wonder if it feels and blends just as well…?

Yachiyo Brush

I think I’ll go back to test it, before I get it. Php1,850.00 (CAD$42.00) Saving $8 + Tax.

I was going to go back for the Japonesque rounded concealer brush and these handy containers anyway:

Japonesque rounded concealer brush

Php525.00 from the Beauty Bar. (under CAD$12.00)

Excuse the blurred cellphone photos. Still waiting for my G12 powershot *ehem*

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