Beauty Finds #2

I was recently invited to do hair and makeup for a shoot, and found myself dragging my Zuca kit, my Hair kit, my Solo kit and uhm…3 other bags of stuff with the help of Kristel (She was wearing her P.A. hat that day. Thank you!) I’m known for normally traveling and packing light for gigs, but I wasn’t prepared and didn’t quite know what to expect for this one, so I brought it all.

Staying organized is so important when doing multiple layouts and makeup and hair changes. And saving your back (I acquired a bad back/Scoliosis after years of bad posture and carrying heavy kits around!) is even more important when you know you’ll be standing or bending over sideways at an all day shoot.

Small containers for liquid foundations, powders and palettes are great space (and back) savers! So I got all excited when I came across Muji‘s bag in a bag collection (like mini set bags), and even more excited when I saw similar bag organizers for a fraction of the price at Landmark, Makati. The quality of the latter isn’t as good, but it’ll work. Love the small pockets on the inside to hold containers, bottles, and applicators. Take a peep! (Pssst…Ms Chiara! Thanks for the tip of Muji’s makeup kits. They’re on SALE!)

Top seven photos (Rt to Lt) are from Muji, Global City. Bag in a bag collection at Php995 – Php1,150 each; Muji Nylon Makeup Kits on SALE at Php796 🙂 Bottom 5 (Rt to Lt) are bag organizers from Landmark (Mall) at under Php100 each.

Go check them out to keep your hand bag/purse organized, eliminate risk of forgetting your keys or pen when you decide to switch purses, or use them to get your hair and makeup kits in order 😉

Speaking of Hair and Makeup… Check out my next post…

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Finds #2

    • Hi! I did check it out Cute! I’m all for cheap finds. Functional. Muji’s great but a tad on the expensive end for me, too! 😉

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