Beauty Finds: Temptu Retouch (Review)

It’s been a while since I did a product review, so I thought I’d take a break this rainy Sunday, to share my thoughts on these beauty finds from Marshalls: Products from Temptu’s Soft Focus Finish Retouch Collection.

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These aren’t new products, and actually I think they were launched in 2010 to complement the Temptu AirPod Collection that were launched in Sephora. I use their pro airbrush system, not the pods which have always intrigued me as an alternative, for personal makeup application. So, for my love of Temptu (I use the S/B Foundations, Highlighters, Contours, and Blush for my airbrush kit) these were exciting beauty finds! For $9.99 each, even better! (They retail for $35 for the Retouch Blush or Highlighters and $45 for the Retouch Foundation or Powders).

What: Temptu Retouch Collection provides airbrush quality formulas and high-definition results, anywhere.

  • Temptu Retouch Blush in Nude Pink 409 and Sheer Berry 404: Provides a dose of ultra-natural and dewy color to cheeks. Complexion-enhancing blush with a built-in applicator. Smooth and lightweight liquid formula. Provides airbrush quality formula that provides cheeks with a subtle, yet true-color tint.
  • Temptu Retouch Highlighter in Bronze 303: Adds an instant luxurious glow to face and body. Shimmering formula with a built-in brush applicator glides on smoothly to enhance skin. Natural-looking and long-lasting radiance.
  • Temptu Retouch Powder in Translucent 200: A lightweight, mineral-based formula with a built-in brush applicator that banishes shine and imparts natural-looking skin, ideal for finishing any makeup application.

These products were created for All Skin Tones, suitable for All Skin Types and are dermatologist tested, and Hypoallergenic.

(Click on images below, to enlarge and view details).

Verdict: Love them! Temptu is a professional brand and its products have never disappointed me. However, it is pricey, even with my Temptu Pro discount (40% off) so this Marshalls deal makes these beauty finds a real steal!

Tips: To keep the built-in applicator brush clean, be sure to wipe off (or use up) any product that’s on the brush to avoid waste. Don’t pump out too much product at a time. Use a good brush cleanser (like my fave Parian Spirit, or Beauty So Clean) that you can spray onto a clean paper towel or the applicator itself, and wipe clean using smooth strokes in one direction on one side, then the other, to keep the bristles smooth and in shape. Allow to air dry or squeeze dry before replacing cap. Do not dip it in water or wash pointing upwards or the water and cleanser might get into the applicator and product.

If you own the airPod system, I don’t really think you’d need to retouch the products using these, but they go nicely together for on-the-go retouches/applications. If you like the shades available in the pods (ex.the blush shades) but don’t have the Temptu AirPod system like me, then these are your alternatives, without having to commit to the AirPod sets if you’re not a user!

Have you tried these products before? What are your thoughts on them?

If you’re interested in the Temptu Airbrush Systems and/or have a question about airbrush makeup, let me know. I’d be happy to help answer your questions. Contact me using the inquiry form (on the right side bar) and be sure to leave your name and contact info. Alternatively, you can call/SMS me directly at 416 648 5956 or email me at to inquire or book an Art of Airbrush class for beginners.

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See you soon,

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  1. Just be careful purchasing makeup/hair products from Marshalls/Winners. The product might be old!

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    • Yes, very true. Check the packaging and expiration date. Great tip! Thanks Vanessa. 🙂

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