Sneak Peek: ‘The Beauty In Music’ BlushPretty Shoot

After another busy weekend, I just want to share a sneak peek of the fun BlushPretty photoshoot I took part in last weekend. The lead makeup and lead hair artists, were the dynamic duo sisters Donna Marie and Laura. They put a lot of thought into their chosen theme, ‘The Beauty in Music’!

Here I am doing makeup while Laura worked her hair design skills on our models:


Emmy's Rocker Chick makeup and hair transformationMerry_doing_Emmys_rocker_Chick_MakeupFR0085


Above: Our beautiful Sonia being transformed into our “Divine Diva” by Laura on hair and me on makeup. Then stylist Nicole of Dainty Girl, and photographer Jeoff, prep her to shine like a star and do her thing on cam.

BlushPretty_The_Beauty_in_Music_Behind_the_scenesMy makeup took up the length of an entire table and I loved it considering we don’t usually have the luxury of having as much space to set up in, nor as much natural lighting!

I was on makeup for Emmy, our “Rock Chick” and Sonia, our “Divine Diva” with Laura doing hair. It was easy to get distracted by our chatter! And because Laura was working her hair design mojo on all the models (double-time) with Donna, who prepped hair (sorry I didn’t end up helping!) and made it happen with her makeup artist skills. Models were Danielle a.k.a. Dee Thomson of Liner & Glitter & Gloss, Oh My! – our “Popstar Poptart” and Tania our “Country Gal” seen in Donna’s makeup chair below.

Behind_the_Scenes_Beauty_in_Music_Blushpretty_shootJust check out Dee’s stunning red hair in Victory Rolls for her “Popstar Poptart” look below! Great job by her hair and makeup team Laura Tortal, Donna DeLeon, and Stylist Anum Khan who stopped for a group shot. I can’t wait to see photographer Kin‘s work on Dee and Tania’s look, since I had to focus on our Rock Chick and Divine Diva.


We definitely laughed and chatted much more than we ordinarily would at photoshoots or backstage at a fashion show, where time isn’t as plentiful, despite Stephanie Daga (BlushPretty Founder) keeping us on track for a hard finish by 2pm. Elaine of Toronto Beauty Reviews and BP Artists team and event coordinator was present, too. It was great having them both there! The cherry on the cake, was Stephanie’s baby our “BP baby and princess” being there. (She’s so cute!)

 Posing with our Rock Chick Emmy at the BlushPretty shoot post hair by Laura T. and makeup by me. Wish I remembered to put my boots back on for this shot with Emmy! Haha! And I hope Ms “Divine Diva” Sonia, enjoyed her hair and makeup for the rest of the day. (Don’t you just love her hot pink scarf?)


Below: The “Divine Diva” team. Stylist Nicole, model Sonia, me, and hairstylist Laura, pose for a group shot.

Stylist Nicole, Sonia our Divine Diva, MakeupByMerry and Hairstylist Laura Tortal


It’s a wrap! What a great team to work with. Even saying goodbye to our lovely models, talented photographers and the BlushPretty Team was fun! I can’t wait to see the results.

The BlushPretty The Beauty In Music cast.BlushPretty The Beauty In Music modelsIt was a wonderful experience working with the models and the great photographers Jeoff and Kin. As for the stylists Nicole of Dainty Girl fame and Anum Khan of SummerxSkin Style, Beauty and Entertainment Blog…I only hope to work with them again soon. Either with the BlushPretty Team or for Makeup By Merry. I had a blast!

Thanks for letting me be part of this BlushPretty shoot, ladies. Til next time!

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