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Wow, what an awesome wedding season it was this year! It isn’t over yet, as I have some gorgeous winter brides-to-be to come before the end of the year.

I am so thankful and love being a part of each bride and groom’s (and this year -bride and bride’s for Maria and Hedrey’s) special day. It’s always fun to meet other vendors at gigs, too! Sometimes, it’s someone I’ve already met and worked with before, other times, I get to meet florists, wedding planners, and photographers for the first time and exchange contact info.

For my first 2014 Fall bride and groom, Iwona and Dan, – I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful and talented photographer, Sara Monika (click on her name to check out her work). Here she is in the middle, with the beautiful Bride and handsome groom:

Sara-Monika-toronto-wedding-photographer-1159This Makeup By Merry couple’s wedding really touched my heart. Iwona and Dan were sweethearts from school, so their families knew each other well and made their mixed marriage ceremonies even more  special. During the getting ready moments at Dan and Iwona’s apartment, I overheard Iwona’s brother joke about how it’s not too late for Iwona to back out (haha!) – and Dan, the groom proceeded to get on with the question he was in the middle of, and brushed it off as we all laughed out loud. Their banter was hilarious. It was clear they were close. The bridesmaids were so lovely and laid back – all coming forth with easy-going requests but clear about the day being “all about the bride [and groom]“. Isn’t that lovely (fellow makeup artists/hairstylists)?

From mom welling up now and again, especially as Iwona got into her beautiful dress and (ugh <happy tears> the, “it just got real” putting on the veil moment!) the moment dad came out of the room to see his daughter in all her bridal glory for the first time, it was a heartwarming morning. Let me tell ya, we couldn’t reach for tissues fast enough!

Sara Monika, captured the emotions and special moments so so well! And she was kind enough to think of me and send me some pictures with a link to her website. And as I type, my email chimed, and guess who? Sara Monika coincidentally just sent me these kind words…

“Thanks so much for your complements:) You are very talented for sure and you actually know how to keep a woman looking naturally beautiful with enhancing them with just the right amount of make-up :)

Thank you, Sara!

Here are some of those photos:

Please contact Sara, ( if you need a fabulous, easy to work with, photographer who is so talented, and knows just how to snap when it counts. Whimsical, photo-journalistic worldwide photographer located in GTA – ‘for bohemian and adventurous couples’.

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