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Hello Everyone!
This is actually my get-down-to-work-on-my-assignments-time (yup – when the kid and everyone’s asleep, and there’s finally peace and quiet)…Sssh..

It’s going to be another busy weekend of work, so I just want to quickly share this exciting news with you!

Last weekend, I was on a “Twitter and email break” catching up on my timeline news, when I found an email from yaby cosmetics. I’m so glad I read it, because it lead me to discovering this: “Toronto’s makeup artist supply store. Blur Makeup Room is the place you want to be, if you are a makeup artist, or someone who is staking out to meet your favorite makeup artist.” [From their facebook page]. I was reading this and my thoughts went, Toronto’s..? What! <Excitement building> This means, I don’t have to pay shipment nor wait for IMATS to get some of my supplies. At last.

“Room full of makeup… blur makeup room is the supply room for professional artists to restock, and a safe haven for beginner artists to ask questions and explore new products.”

What a great little gem! It’s so clever, and impressive to look around and see that this is yet another great job well done by Liz Yu, creator of Yaby Cosmetics. It’s as if she just kept her eyes and ears open and came up with the most sought after brands and products to deliver to a growing market.They now have an online presence on top of the store, which opened its door to the public last March, 2013.

It’s entirely ran by makeup artists so they know what works and how to use it, if not by personal experience, then through another artist who has first-hand knowledge of the products in stock. It’s a safe place for anyone who loves makeup to find industry must-haves, and to learn from the pro’s. In fact, they just partnered with celebrity makeup artist, Lucky Bromhead to introduce their first after-hours workshop, ‘Macro Beauty’ on June 5th. I wish I could’ve attended. Were you, or anyone you know there, to pick up some cool tricks?

Store Description:

Disposables (mascara wands, lip wands, sponges & puffs)
Bdellium Tools, Cinema Secrets, Embryolisse, Enkore brush soaps, Face Atelier, Glamcor, Graftobian, In Beauty Magazine, Kim Greene set bags, Lit Cosmetics glitters, yaby Cosmetics, and these are still listed as “Coming Soon” on their Page, but have already arrived in store from what I saw last week: Enkore cuff palette, Enkore ring palette, Stylist cuff and Stylist ring (magnetic for your pins), Stilazzi cases, La Vaque tweezer & crystal nail file, Shadow Shields  Etc.
And, as I found out when I got my Pro @blur discount (20% off) – which they set me up with overnight (I’m very impressed with customer service response) – they carry more things in store, than they currently have up online.

Call Blur Makeup Room (647) 352-8816
Or Email them at
Check out their Website here:

Happy weekend everyone!

PS. Psst @TheGlitterGeek, and other #BeautyBloggers, want to shop with me next week when I pick up my Kim Greene set bag?

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