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A week or two ago, I received a Holt Renfrew invitation to ‘Discover the new Burberry Beauty Collection’. At first I was impressed with the size of the mailer, then my “save the environment” side kicked in and I thought, they could’ve just emailed me about it?  (And well, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t my well delayed paycheck for a previous event!).

I tend to be pretty skeptical about designer brands and am very happy with the cosmetic brands I already have in both my pro and personal makeup kits (Mostly Laura Mercier, Nars, Make Up For Ever and some MAC). But i was curious. A couple of friends who know that I grew up in London England, asked me about Burberry Beauty, the same way as they ask me about anything remotely British-like… As if for some reason, I’d have some form of higher insight about it. (And I usually do not).

Not one to enjoy spending an arm and a leg on cosmetics for myself- unless it’s to replenish my essentials for my kit but I’d been pleasantly surprised by the likes of the Armani cosmetics line, and my recent purchases from Dior. I was looking forward to dropping by Holt Renfrew Bloor after teaching a class around the corner.

The results? I thought the counter looked very sleek, polished and sophisticated. It was around 5pm, so the after office shoppers were already mingling around. I didn’t want a consultation (I was still feeling blah with the start of a cold) but it was disappointing not to receive a “Discovery sample”. Although the girls at the counter didn’t exactly make me want to sit either. They were friendly enough: handing me tissues so I could try the lipstick shades and telling me that “almost everything across the categories were selling well” but that most were wanting to try the brand out with a basic lipstick and powder, or bronzer purchase. What I didn’t like was over-hearing them talk about another client (and strategizing their next move). I know how it works- I’ve been in the Industry too long. But it defo made me think to myself, now that’s exactly what I wouldn’t want to do in front of my clients!

“I started thinking about the make-up while we were preparing a Burberry fashion show several years ago. I was studying the different modes of expression of the Burberry girl and, after defining his world and his attitude, this was the only missing element. Burberry style reflects the natural beauty and relaxed attitude emblematic of our trench, and expressed the innate elegance and personality of the Burberry girl”. Christopher Bailey, creative director of the Maison

The colors are inspired by the color codes of Burberry – natural, discreet, timeless and emblematic. Beautiful stormy skies, cloudy, foggy and misty followed by mild British sunshine.

The collection includes foundation, lipstick, blush, lip gloss and all that every woman needs every day to be beautiful and unmistakable.

 “..the packaging of luxury and style, is highly evocative and acts on the sphere of emotions. The opening of the pack [is a total] tactile experience as exciting as the product itself. The packaging contains all the subtle influences and inspirations. [It]is perceived as something precious, a beautiful object, something you want to keep even when the content will be spent”.

 The Burberry Light Cover Soft Satin Lipstick felt light weight, silky smooth and  instantly moisturizing. A luxury at $37.00. The shades covered the nude trench tones to Burberry reds. (I love Ruby!).

I had to pull away from the Lip Key Charm (being a bit of a limited Ed. makeup novelty junkie. It’s an expensive hobby).  The glossy gunmetal three-cube charm is engraved with the iconic lines of the Burberry check and repeats the innovative soft magnetic closure of Burberry design. This precious object contains a natural lip gloss (Nude Beige No.1) inside the large cube and a clasp that allows you to attach this iconic accessory to any handbag! I think it’s $90. *Sigh*

 The Burberry Lip Glow Natural lip gloss, were all so pretty and the ceremide complex and light reflective spheres fill in lines and lips naturally appear more plump and hydrated. The signature tones are great for those (like me) who prefer to wear stronger eye colors balanced with softer, more neutral lips. (At this point I didn’t even bother asking about the prices but I think the products start at $30 pencils, $36 lipsticks, to $80 foundations- said to be good enough to disguise minor blemishes that a concealer would otherwise be used for, and not including the Key Charm).

The Burberry Warm Glow Natural Bronzing powders were soft and gave the skin a natural sun kissed tone, warming the complexion and smoothing the skin to give it that natural healthy glow. And the equally soft touch Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush, with micro-powder and silicone for effortless glide and moisturizing benefit in debossed Burberry soft pouch just had to follow me home! (Hate it when that happens).

The eye shadows were silky and applied easily (reminding me much of the texture of my Dior 5-Colour palette). It isn’t going to knock your socks off if you’re more into high pigment colour pay-off, but the more muted shades are easy to wear for everyday “effortless elegance”.

See more of the cosmetic brand in this video ad campaign and go check it out for yourself. My daughter’s calling…Gotta go!

Let me know what you think! 😉


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