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Still one of my fave lip products! Sorry I haven’t done any product reviews lately. But I will if requested. Between, my 9 year old, 11 month old, businesses, running a home, work and volunteering, it’s just not as much of a priority. I AM however, continuing to take bookings for 2017/18. Please email for inquiries.

For more of my work related photos, head over to my other IG account: @makeupandhairbymerry xoxo

#matleavelife #makeupartistlife… Click here to read more

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Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics

Spring is finally here and soon the grass and trees will be green again, instead of all covered in ice, and all muddy and… twiggy! I can’t wait!

To get me in the spirit of spring while feeling a little under the weather lately, I thought I’d brush on some bronzer and a happy pop of blush. I couldn’t wait to try out these goodies from two of my fave Canadian cosmetics brands, Marcelle and Annabelle cosmetics.

lipsies by Annabelle cosmeticsThese Lipsies are fun chunky retractable tinted lip balms that come in 12 scents ($4.95 each from Shoppers).… Click here to read more

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Review: Marcelle & Annabelle

Okay, so in a few days, it’ll be officially Autumn and there’ll be no more postponing of my In Beauty Fall/Winter Trends post ..Summer, I can’t believe you’re leaving so soon! . Sorry where was I? Ah, yes… The awesome ladies of Marcelle Group sent me a box of goodies early last month, and my students, clients and I have all had nothing but positive things to say about the products.

I’ve been a fan of Marcelle and Annabelle cosmetics since I discovered them (er, just earlier this year!) and have been using Annabelle Twist Ups, Smudge Pots and my Marcelle BB Creme daily since.… Click here to read more

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New Year, New Brand- Annabelle

Marketing has so much to do with how you connect with your clients and potential customers. A great example of this is when I tweeted about my kid’s Kinder Christmas Concert last year, and @AnnabelleTweets replied, relating to my joy. I’d already been curious about  Annabelle cosmetics because it’s so new to me. Sometimes, a little genuine interaction is all one needs to engage someone and get them to turn their attention to you (your brand). So let that be a lesson to you other (big name) brands out there!… Click here to read more

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