Concealer – My BFF

I’ve been meaning to get onto this topic for a while now, so thank you for being patient with all my “coming soon…” comments!

More and more these days, I have come to realize the truth about which products are actually in my ‘Can’t Live Without’ list. Sure concealer has always been in my top 5 , as seen in my Makeup Maven interview in Cosmopolitan magazine:

Cosmopolitan magazine

Featured in New Makeup Mavens interview- Cosmopolitan magazine (2002)

But 8 years later (marriage, motherhood and moving to Canada) age has certainly visually started to catch up on me underneath my makeup! Sure I can still thank my genes for aging well and all, (and I do!) but even my husband who used to prefer me with no makeup on, now “understands” (ehem) that I need my “little white lie of the makeup world” a.k.a. concealer every day. Trust me, I’ve tried going TOTALLY au naturale and at least 5 people came up to me to ask if I was feeling ok. (insert my deadpan face and sarcastic tone). Concealer - my BFF! :)

So many of my non makeup wearer clients who have come to me for help have asked what it is or what the difference is between foundation and concealer. Basically, it gives a (slightly) heavier coverage than foundation. It can come in a lipstick-like tube, a pot, a pencil/crayon, a compact, a tube and even in a mineral powder. It’s a heavier version of foundation that can be used with your foundation or on its own (with powder).

“Cosmetic companies should take into account whether or not you have kids. And they should give every mom concealer for free, because we’re the ones that need it more than anyone else.” – Debra Winger

My clients and guests at Roger TV’s Daytime Toronto  sometimes don’t want to appear to be wearing makeup. Especially the men. And even if you’re blessed with terrific skin, there are common areas where concealer can work miracles and make us appear more youthful, “lifted”, brighter and generally more rested. (Lemme hear all the moms go, “aaaaaaaaah”). Areas like: under eye dark circles, around the nostrils (Hello, Allergy Season(s)! ) and a dot on either side of the eye (inner and outer corners) instantly makes them look brighter.

Here’s a photo of some of my concealer collection from my kit:


When asked if she could only bring ONE of her products into a shoot, Laura Mercier chose her Secret Concealer. It lasts forEVER! A duo compact that allows you to custom blend a tone that matches the areas you need to conceal. Every woman’s secret weapon for creating her own flawless face at home.

When it comes to hiding my under-eye circles, my regular yellow-toned concealer won’t cut it. I used to use my yellow corrector but it’s not the best for puffy eyes. I use the peach-based one in a shade slightly darker than you would normally use to neutralize the purple rings. Use a rosy toned corrector for fairer skin tones with purple/green under- eye shadows.

Tip: To diminish dark circles which show through the thinner skin under the eyes, remember: Correctors brighten, Concealers lighten.

NYC makeup artist Dara Klein says, “Identify your skin tone first relative to your level of under-eye darkness.” For example, if you have fair skin and very dark circles, your instinct may be to choose a light concealer. But this shade will actually enhance your circles because it’ll only match the skin around the eye and not the shade of the actual darkness. So go up a shade — it’ll be light enough for your skin tone but corrective enough for the level of purple under the eye. The key is to only apply the concealer only over the rings, nowhere else.”

You can use your finger, but using a concealer brush can give you a more precise, seamless application. Use a tapping motion instead of wiping the brush back and forth, which just blends the product into your skin.

Makeup Brushes can be expensive- like my Nars and Laura Mercier sets, which I got from working as Brand Manager/Trainer for these brands in the Philippines. But you can shop around and get less expensive brushes from Walmart, Sephora, or at Joe Fresh Beauty and Style. Keep in mind that you’re often paying for quality. A $6 brush may need to be replaced 4x per year, or may start to feel harsh on the skin, while a $32 brush may last for years without ever feeling old.

Last, I made a video tutorial to show you how I apply my concealer everyday. *Gulp* But I messed it up and lost it. So, here’s the practice version that I added texts to (Oh no! Side glances, funny faces and all. Ha Ha) -and some snap shots of my BEFORE and AFTER getting my flawless (I’m-not-wearing ANY-makeup-I wake up- looking-like-this!) face. ENJOY!!

Before eye corrector/concealer

BEFORE (no corrector/concealer)

Under Eye Perfecter (Orange/Yellow)

With some peach corrector

Before applying the makeup

BEFORE (right side)

after applying the makeup

AFTER (with base, bronzer blush, eye liner and lipstick)

 [wpvideo tuNbTv58]

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