D.I.Y. Prom Makeup – Checklist

1) Start Taking care of your skin with a regular Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and weekly treatment (masks/scrubs) regime, if you haven’t already done so. You don’t have to go broke on the $200 face creams. Read the labels and look for basic good-for-your-skin ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E and at least a 20-40 SPF

2) With healthier Skin, less makeup and a flawless look will be easier and quicker to achieve! Don’t forget to drink water whenever you’re thirsty (or better yet, take sips before you even get thirsty, coz by then, you’re already dehydrated!)and wear sun block daily.

3) Find your perfect shade of foundation. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF are the most popular, sheer and dewy-looking base used by teens to top celebs on the red carpet. Check out my Back to Base posts.

3) Decide on your Prom look. After getting the perfect dress and knowing the setting (venue) of your Prom, you can look through fashion magazines and pick out a hair and makeup look that you like. TIP: Pick out accent shades from your dress or accessories that you can incorporate into your look, like a purple eyeliner with a chocolate/bronze smoky eye to complement your purple dress, as opposed to a solid purple eye color with a purple dress. (So 80’s! Yes, I know the 80s is/was “in” again, but that was last season!) It’s late Spring. Keep your makeup simple. Complement, don’t complicate!

4) Make sure you have the right tools of the trade and your makeup basics: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Translucent setting powder, Brow pencil/makeup, mascara (it’s all about the brush. I’ll be posting more on this soon). Aim to begin your look with a flawless face. If you’re foundation’s wrong – it’ll all look wrong. Budget wisely. I prefer to spend more money on products that would be touching my skin more, for longer periods and more regularly such as my base products. Pick your tools and think of them as investment pieces. They’ll last for years on end without falling apart. For more affordable makeup and brushes, check out Joe Fresh Beauty, in Loblaws/Superstores.

5) Build your makeup wardrobe and have fun while you shop! Whether you’re a Holt Renfrew girl, or you love to shop at smaller boutiques, MAC or Sephora – ask the experts for help. Book a consultation and ask for a mini makeup lesson. Most companies will ask for a fixed consultation fee or (ask) for a certain number of products of your choice to be purchased. Bring in what you have, so you don’t end up doubling up and to help you build on your existing makeup collection. This is what we call “wardrobing”. Make notes on the tips and tricks you are shown, and/or ask for a face chart for you to tape onto your dresser mirror when you practice applying your Prom look on yourself.

6) Practice makes perfect. Watch “How-to” makeup videos, read makeup books like the ones I featured here. If you still don’t feel confident about doing your own makeup, go to a reliable source and find a makeup artist to book for your prom. I’m listed there too, so you may as well contact me here and save time (ehem).. Get your girlfriends together and agree on a time and place for your Prom makeover and book a group package deal and save money.

Keep it simple and timeless so you won’t look back and regret WHY you ever chose the fuchsia lips and the charcoal smoky eye look! Here is a simple, sophisticated and fashionable look:

Melanie with a Makeup

Here’s Melanie wearing: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude, Purple Haze Stickgloss with Pink Pearl lip glace on top; Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil #2; MAC fluid line in black used as tight liner and Caviar Liner in Mahogany smoked along lashes; MAC eyeshadows Bronze (base and bottom lash line) and Amber Lights (Crease); Maybelline Mineral Powder blush in True Peach; model’s own black mascara.

Melanie was going for a bronzed goddess glow and was very happy with this look.

Have fun playing with your makeup and keep lookin’ pretty ladies. xoxo

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