Decisions decisions

Hello again! (Yes, I’m back). How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend? I have a lot to be thankful for. Family being #1.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I have had some tough decisions to make lately. After being offered a great opportunity with NARS – the dream job fell through and I began a new role in the Industry as BDM for Nars at Fairview Mall. And, while I still care about the brand very much, to cut the long story short, I decided the position or rather, the location (and the company) was not a good match for me. It was a tough decision in a way, because I had already made good progress with building and meeting new clientelle for Nars at The Bay. It was so rewarding to meet existing and new fans of the brand. I loved sharing Francois Nars’ philosophy on makeup (Find your own way and have fun!) and helping clients build their makeup wardrobe with products and shades they’d never thought would work so well on them and suit their needs. I miss the stability of knowing everyday- that’s where I (“Mommy”) would be, and I miss the other Associates whom became good friends of mine.

The decision to leave came after I realized that “my passion” for the brand and what were expected of me by my employer often clashed. And after years of being in the Brand Management and Training end of Nars for the Sales team back home, the lack of support was evident in my role in Sales here.

So… My take away from that experience?? In short: Now I know. There are better suited positions for someone having to settle for something much lower in their Field. I just have to try elsewhere. Better still… Why not go back to enjoying makeup art and looking outside the Industry for something to supplement?:)

Motherhood can sure change one’s path. But one look at my little girl tells me IT’S ALL WORTH IT!


Expect more posts from me again. Especially as IMATS approaches. So excited! This year, I’m with FacesbyFarah – looking to stock up on my tools and basic equipment, and do a little shopping for new stuff that grab my makeup maven attention at MUFE, OCC, Yaby Cosmetics! I’m keeping myself on a tight budget, so I guess I’ll need to shop smart and make more decisions…. See you there ;)

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