Designer Cosmetics

Oops 12:02AM..This HAS to be a quickie!

Designer Cosmetics

A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with my nails and rediscovered how de-stressing it was to experiment & play around with colors and nail art (when I can spare the time!) and was so happy to have stumbled upon Designer Cosmetics near my office.

They opened a few months ago and are having a No Tax Event (bonus!) so I ventured in and met Michelle (the friendly Store Manager) and Wanda. They also sell NYX makeup and tools for those of you who know how good and affordable the brand is, but don’t want to go all the way to my neck of the woods to Pacific Mall to visit the NYX boutique there. I saw some other makeup palettes, fragrances, dry shampoos Etc. And tons and tons of 2 for $15 or 2 for $12 Nail Polish,  and 3 for $10 Nail Art stuff.

Here’s my mini haulage. The mini trio of a red-orange (love!) a black and a silver polish came with a dotting tool $7, LA Girl Matte Nail Polish and 2-in-1 Nail Art pens were 3 for $10 mix and match. (I want more!)

Designer CosmeticsFind them facing Zara, bottom floor around the corner from Tim Hortons, at Bloor (Yorkville Terraces).

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