Don’t forget mom! (Reposting)


If you’re a bride-to-be and thinking whether or not to have mom(s) be included in the hair and makeup services for your bridal party, here’s a few tips.

For most moms I’ve met, your wedding day can represent one of the most wonderful yet bittersweet day in their lives. However happy they are for you and your partner, the days and nights leading up to your big day and the morning of, can be overwhelming. They try to help and not step on anyone’s toes at the same time. (Some bending more one way than the other!)

Give her some tasks to let her feel useful, and fill her in on your (her) timeline to minimize building nervous energy (moms start fretting about why you’re all not in your dresses yet and you can feel the tension building in that room!)

If she wants her hair and/or makeup done, have her decide whether to book an appointment with HER go-to hair person, or with your glam squad (ehem-that’s us). IF she prefers her own salon, book her in early and work it into YOUR timeline. Don’t forget to factor in travel times to and from the salon *and add buffer time* in case they’re running late that day.

If your mom doesn’t usually do much to her hair and hardly wears makeup, encourage her to have something she’ll be comfortable with AHEAD of time. Explain that to be “camera ready” for the wedding photos you both would want to keep looking back on years from now, she will need to wear a bit (or a lot) more makeup than she’s used to.

Use some visuals by choosing pics of her of when she (and you) loved her look, and by picking out hair and/or makeup looks **of women with similar features and hair as hers** Then, ask her what she likes AND what she does NOT like about the looks. List them down.

Go ahead and send us her list, a current photo of your mama, and her desired hair and makeup look. Trust me..This may take a couple of sittings with your mom, but it will make for a smoother and happier wedding morning for everyone.
Email me at: & let’s start checking off your wedding To-Do’s together.

While I’m busy “momming” and don’t get to update this blog enough, here’s a great 50 Makeup Tips article to help you with your New Year, New Look.

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