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Q. I want my skin to have a natural healthy glow. What can I do?Olivia

A. Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin healthy-looking. Make sure you also try to get enough sleep and have a regular skin care (cleanse, tone and moisturize) regimen everyday.

If you’re using the correct formula of products for your skin type, (Tip: Read the labels and make sure you know what your skin type is- normal to dry, normal to oily or combination). Keep your skin healthy and clean by following an easy regimen daily  (splash with water, pat dry and moisturize) and nightly (cleanse, tone and moisturize). At least once a week, use an exfoliating mask or face wash to remove dead, surface skin cell build up. I love Laura Mercier’s Skin Polish – available at Holt Renfrew $30 for a big tube! It smells so fresh and the beads are rounded and gentle enough to use everyday if needs be! Or you could also use a facial wash with a little face brush or buffer.  Exfoliating gives skin a fresh glow and removes surface patchy spots that make skin appear blotchy (and make-up uneven).

A healthy glow can also be achieved by opting for a dewy-finish base, like a Tinted Moisturizer, or opt for a creme blush with a subtle shimmer, instead of powder. Illuminators or Enhancers can also be blended with your base, or added on top of your makeup to highlight areas like your cheeks, temples and brow bones. Just don’t over do it! Remember, if you don’t take care of your health & skin, no amount of makeup will make you look your glowing best.

Q. I forgot my fave creme blush! I wanted that soft dewy Summer effect, but what can I do when I forget my makeup?Kaylee

A. Hmmm..It happens to the best of us! (I’d forget my head if I wasn’t attached to it). When you forget your makeup bag in your bathroom or run out of a product, use what you have to create a look by stretching their uses. Sub one makeup for another until you can get to your kit, or buy a new one. Meanwhile, use your lipstick and a dab of moisturizer to blend up an instant creme blush. (Warm it up on the back of your hand and apply. Blend, blend, blend!) It’s almost as good as the real thing and will certainly do for emergencies. Note: This only works if your lipstick is a pretty soft red, pink, nude or peachy shade unless you feel like rocking orange or purple cheeks! :p


Q. What do I do if I’m having a bad skin day attack?Rachel

A. If  you’re breaking out in blemishes, it could be due to a number of reasons such as hormonal changes, allergies, stress and/or incorrect choice of skin care or cosmetic tools or products.

#1 Try not to panic. #2 Do NOT pick or fuss with the blemishes. #3 Try not to panic(!) #4 Trace the reason(s) why you are breaking out. You might be tempted to try to cover up with a ton of foundation and concealer, but try to resist layering it on all over your face too much. The more you put on, the worse it will look and you’ll end up drawing attention to the flaws you’re trying to hide! Tip: Take down the redness so you’ll feel more comfortable with a corrective concealer. They usually come in different shades: Green- is best for camouflaging redness, Yellow – for disguising blue under-eye shadows, and Lilac- instantly brightens tired looking dull skin. Shop around- they come in liquid or cream form and aren’t expensive. Find Corrective Concealers in Brands at Shoppers (Maybelline), Sephora (Urban Decay) and Holt Renfrew (Prescriptive). Don’t forget to apply the green underneath your skin tone’s foundation or concealer. If you don’t have a good concealer handy, just dab a dot of foundation onto the blemish, lightly blend around the edges and set with translucent powder.  When your skin’s looking more even, draw attention on other parts of your face. Maybe go with smoky eyes or a glossy lip gloss, but avoid red lip color – may bring out the redness in your skin!


Q.I have acne scars and pigmentation. What can I do to cover them up and even out my skin?Karen.

A. Acne scars and pores show up less on skin that’s not too shiny. Use an oil-free foundation in your skin tone to even out its tone and texture. Most foundations come in different forms- liquid, is usually the most natural looking and creams can give a heavier finish, but both can be adjusted to sheerer or full coverage if applied correctly. Don’t try to fill-in scars as this will just accentuate and leave a heavy, “cakey” finish. Use a concealer after applying liquid (or wet) foundation to further disguise blemishes. If you’re using Mineral Powder as a base (great for the skin, contains an SPF and hides imperfections flawlessly by giving skin a “soft focus” finish) apply concealer on first, set with translucent powder, then blend on the Mineral Powder with a buffing brush. Use a Loose setting powder on top of your foundation if you don’t have a Mineral Powder. It’ll give your skin a more even, matte or natural appearance which will take attention away from any imperfections 


Q. Can a Tinted Moisturizer take the place of a face moisturizer or is it like a foundation?V.

A. No. A Tinted Moisturizer is not the same as a moisturizer, so you’d still need to use your face moisturizer under it. It is like a foundation in the way that it is applied as a base, but it will not give you the same level of coverage as a foundation. Tinted Moisturizers have a lighter consistency and a dewy, polished finish. Use a concealer to hide blemishes and shadows or blend foundation with Tinted Moisturizer (50:50) to get the benefit of a bit more coverage to disguise minor blemishes, and a dewy finish. My fave is Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer! -Always an In Style Top 10 and Must-Have!

……. More coming soon! I still have to put your other FAQs together and add them here. (You don’t have to use your real name) but by posting your question, you can help others who may have the same issues or problems with their skin care or makeup). Beauty Made Easy  – just Ask Merry!

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