Feeling Blah

I woke up yesterday morning feeling achy all over and generally weak. Then, the sore throat set in and so did the watery eyes, achy joints, prickly skin and the on-set of a dry cough… My first thoughts were of my daughter and my family here at home. I don’t want to “spread the germs” and…what if I have a fever, the flu, could it be The Flu (H1N1)…? I stayed in and rested as much as possible; I’m drinking plenty of fluids; gargling warm water with salt and a teaspoon of vinegar (to cleanse my throat and keep it moistened); taking Ibuprofen for the aches and pains and washing my hands frequently.

I even did a sinus rinse using ‘NeilMed’- It’s like a small plastic teapot with a spout and a hole on the lid. You put 240ml/8oz of water in it, and add a small packet of pH Balanced, isotonic solution (Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate). Then just point the spout against one nostril, tilt your head forward and inhale slightly. The solution will go into one nostril and out the other, cleaning out the nasal passage! It may sound gross, but it’s great for allergy sufferers and for nipping a cold in the bud.

What do you do when you’re feeling blah and have to face people and look bright and cheery? Follow the steps I took, and if symptoms persist for more than 2 days, go see your doctor. If it’s just a case of a 24-hour bug, Winter blahs or the dreaded “Mother Nature’s monthly visit”, you can smile and fake it for a couple of hours with these make-up tricks:

Groom your eyebrows and use a slanted brow brush to blend through some short strokes of brow powder or pencil.

Curl lashes, starting close to the roots and working the curler up and out to the tips of lashes, before applying mascara. (Let each coat dry between applications) and remember that lashes grow upwards and outwards- so follow them through and add a few extra coats on the outer lashes to make the appearance of fuller , longer lashes.

Go for a cream blush to add an extra polished glow to dull-looking skin, or brush on some bronzer- focusing on the temples, cheeks, (tip of the nose) and chin, as opposed to all over the face which is a common mistake to make when applying Bronzing powder!

Tip: Picture a big number 3 when applying the bronzer with the flat side of a face brush without lifting it off your face: blend along your temples, cheeks and jawline-to-chin on the right side of the face, and do the same on the left.

Conceal under eye dark circles starting on the inner corners of the eyes and set with translucent loose powder.

Apply a bright moisturizing lip gloss or balm.

Keep it simple so you don’t over compensate for feeling and looking blah with these easy steps, and just add instant “lift” to your “I wanna stay in bed” eyes and pale “I don’t feel so good” skin.

*Cough* Cough* …sigh… I’m going back to bed.

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