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Hi everyone! How’s Summer been treating you, so far? It’s been a busy one with mini-me and I coming back to Toronto, after an extended stint in the Philippines. I haven’t been able to write for a while, but it seems fitting to start with a brand I haven’t mentioned much until now. Joe Fresh Beauty.

To get back into the swing of things between juggling mommyhood, teaching and makeup gigs here, I needed to transition (in many ways, starting with beating jet lag!) by adding a few Summer brights into my makeup and fashion wardrobes. And I needed to do it with a tight budget…

Did someone say, “Priced to perfection”? Well, now…How could I resist? Especially since I was already a fan of designer Joe Mimram’s clothing and accessory line and I knew that his makeup development team was in good Pro hands.  Simone Otis, whose pro resume includes working backstage at New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez, Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Band of Outsiders and more, is responsible for all the Joe Fresh Beauty ads. Her work has also appeared in a variety of top mags such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and Elle Canada.

I went for it, and grabbed a few things to share with my partner (-in makeup crime) yep–Coming to you soon, yay! *wink*  Almost one of everything totalled to what would’ve been just one base item plus a liner or a lip product from my usual staples at Holts. Bonus! Hmmm a steal! Now let’s see how they perform…

Joe Fresh Primer – Translucent, feels light and smooth to the touch. It instantly mattified my skin while at the same time giving it a silky finish. I can’t find much info on the product and its rather short ingredients list. But it has Vit E acetate and not a lot of other added ingredients past the silicone-based humectant that comes first on the list. It’s fragrance-free and did it’s job. Not bad at all for $12.00

Joe Fresh Sheer Tint -Tinted Moisturizer, in yellow based undertones looked great! I chose Caramel for my friend guessing that it could suit my fading tanned face too by doing a strip test of the shades on either side- one being a tad dark, the other too fair for my skin. It’s very sheer and gives a radiant glow- and is forgiving enough to let one get away with using a slightly warmer shade so I was fairly confident with my choice. (I’d normally prefer to find a perfect match – one shade darker, but my local Superstore, didn’t have a very well-stocked Beauty section and Testers were missing at the time of my visit).  Again, fragrance-free, applied easily and gave my skin a really nice healthy and flawless glow. Winner! “This is Fresh Beauty”.

Next up, Joe Fresh Cream Blush in Bloom, a hot pink that went on smoothly and looked more like a fresh and natural rosy tint on, with buildable color if you prefer more intensity in your blush. Keeper!

Couldn’t resist picking up one of the new Highlighters, although it took me a while to choose which shade out of the three available. I already have a pinky highlighter (Golden Rose a Lim.Ed Illuminating Stick from Laura Mercier) and a golden yellow one (The Body Shop), so I picked Champagne a shade similar to my almost done NARS Multiple in Copacabana. Joe Fresh’s multi purpose highlighter wasn’t as stable (dense) as the NARS cream to powder cult fave, but the pay off was impressive, again, buildable – going from a sheer wash, to an elegant shimmer, to a stunning platinum glow. Sleek feel and so easily blended, and stayed on well once I left it alone.  Below is a photo of me showing the placement of the Highlighter, before blending it onto the skin.  Mine!

Here’s the Highlighter in Champagne on my nose line and top of my cheek and brow bone

I chose a Cream Eye Shadow in Slate, looking almost black in the packaging but applying much lighter and very sheer in a grey with a subtle blue undertone. Definitely not to be worn on its own (too greasy and thin) but worked well as a base for the Bronze Eyeshadow I picked up. A shimmery taupey brown bronze. Again it applied easily, blended well and stayed color-true, although it wasn’t as “tight” as I like eyeshadows to be in the pan (I don’t like it when shadows easily break up and leave a cloud of filler/pigments all over the place) but it worked well wet or dry. Nice!

The Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliners- were just that, and good for precision, but I found I had to go back and forth for a more opaque finish, but it didn’t take long. Snagged a couple and loving the Teal Blue! Fun!

Got a Lipliner in Cinnamon for my fave nude lips- great as a liner and a base. Love it! and a Pencil Eyeliner in Slate (eggplant purple hue) shown on my hand, since I doubt it would complement my allergy-driven red eyes at the mo’.

Next– one of my absolute makeup Must-Have’s. Translucent Powder. I knew it would be near impossible to topple my Laura Mercier one, but hey, I’ve since fallen in love with MAC’s Prep + Prime Finishing Powder, so the Joe Fresh Translucent Powder in a compact pot with a neat mirrored flip lid left me hopeful…Ooh, with a plastic stopper to keep the powder contained at only $8. Not bad at all! “It took a while to find, at our price point, a translucent powder that would really, really work,” says Otis. “And I do use this over everything in my kit now, whether it’s a white, white face all the way to a blue-black skin..” Apply sparingly to avoid an ashy finish (especially on cam) with a powder puff. I also used it to set my eyeshadow and liquid liner. So much cheaper than my fave but not qqqquite as Translucent.

(I have to speed this up- Bath time for mini- me!) So I’m skipping through and coming back to this later to add the photos.

Mascara, Black Basic was alright- but I’d like to check out their Lash Define, Lash Plump (Volumizing) and Length Lash! Brushes look good and it’s an area Joe Fresh is looking into expanding: “It’s an area I think we can expand on even going forward. We’re going to keep looking at different technologies — different brushes, different formulas” -Otis.

For Lips: I grabbed three - one from each category but will return for the others: Lip Stain, (heard great stuff about it- even compared to a well-known Drugstore Brand’s longwearing prowess!), Lip Crayons, Lip Gloss and the Tinted Lip Balm- which may be discontinued but I own a couple already and mentioned it somewhere here a couple of years ago. Anyways I chose a Matte Lippy in Nude- which felt and looked really creamy but left a matte finish. A Cream Lipstick in a pinky violet called Baie Sauvage and I went back for another one already, after testing it out at a BBQ last weekend! It stayed on even after I munched on a corn on the cob AND ice cream cake! Love love love <3  I also am a fan of the Joe Fresh Lip Tint in Mango. All come in tubes that look like lip glosses but once applied, the tint dries to a sheer stain-like finish. So SS 2012! Other lip products and shades wish-listed!

I also picked up a Face Palette in Bright Burst- for those odd days when I want to go bright on the lips and neutral on my (puffy) eyes. So there you go folks! Sorry to dash- Family first!

Go to your nearest Loblaws / Superstore and grab a bunch of Joe Fresh Beauty products. So pocket-friendly and great shades and textures for all.

I think you’ll love them too- MakeupByMerry students and friends!

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