Happy New Year 2015!

I hope you’ve all had a meaningful Christmas and enjoyed the New Year celebrations with your friends and loved ones! It’s time to put away 2014, walk away with the lessons we’ve learned, new memories that we’ve made, and say hello to 2015!

Last year’s AMAZING year for weddings and gigs was capped off by a team photoshoot after the last Makeup By Merry client wedding in mid December. I had *gulp* just turned forty, and was busy gearing up for my little one’s Frozen inspired birthday party, and a long list of potlucks and fam jams for the Christmas season was right before me. To cap it off, December always makes me feel extra homesick – missing my immediate family (mum, dad, and big brother and his family in the UK, and the rest of my extended family and closest friends).

I told myself to enjoy the shoot and glam it up, but truth is, I am far more comfortable being behind the scenes than on cam unless I’m being interviewed or teaching a class! I was held up at the wedding I did the morning of the shoot having to do both hair and makeup for the beautiful bride plus 3, and yep…I ran late for the team shoot. Eeks, “Please don’t be the diva who comes late and still has to get into hair and makeup..and your dress!!” I told myself. I was shaking with hunger, needed to pee (sorry TMI) and er…to be honest a little disappointed in myself for falling off the fitness/gym wagon that I had started so promisingly last year.  (Ugh, the camera does tend to add on extra pounds). But, BP-teamster Brandi came to the rescue and retouched my makeup, worked her magic with my flat hair using her flat iron, and a little hairspray, and, thanks to the awesome Rhokin Studio lighting, a talented photographer (@Kindlephotos) and our always calming and funny Elaine and Stephanie, there to greet me, it wasn’t too painful.

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots….

Rhokin Studio BPTeam shoot Dec 2014

It’s a new year, folks! Who’s excited? Who made a resolution? Mine: 1) Drop 10lbs, get fit and strong again. 2) Stay “present” 3) …(I think I’ll keep this one a secret for now). 🙂

Take Away

Being on cam helped me be in my client’s shoes for a bit. With a hundred and one things running through my mind, not wanting to be “difficult” yet wanting to still be made to look my best, perhaps I glazed through things and just relied solely on my makeup /hair artist. Thank goodness Brandi is so talented and patient to work with, even when I said, “that’s perfect..ooh, but could I have more volume please? Great, yes that looks great. Thank you!” but then later realized I could have asked for fuller brows (or in this case, did it myself as the option was there).  In retrospect, she did wonderfully working with my twitchy eyes and partially applied false lashes that I tried to plonk on in the car en route. (I wasn’t driving!)

…What that moment taught me, was how it may be – talking to a rushed, bride-to-be, for example. And how important it truly is to take the time to make sure she knows, feels and gets the look we come up with in the end. In my case, I had some makeup on already as a “guide” and am pretty sure of what I like or not. But even as Brandi nicely asked how I liked say, my eyeliner, or brows, my responses were sometimes neither here nor there, (partly because I trusted her abilities, and partly coz I was eyeing the last slice of pizza on the table and needed a tall glass of…something.  Really,I loved the final look, and would hire Brandi as my personal Makeup and Hair person any day or recommend her to others! But what a great reminder of why it is we need to not rush through a client’s preview or trial appointment and make sure she’s on board with every step of her makeup/look if that’s what’s needed to be done. Just to make sure she is truly happy with everything in the end.

Blushpretty Team shoot Rhokin Studio Dec 2014

If you’re a new makeup artist, and need to brush up on your clientele skills during consultations, or maybe you’re interested in a new look for the new year, don’t be shy to ask. I’m here to help!

Happy New Year 🙂

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