Hello Fall 2012!

Oh my! Fall’s already here and I had to dig out my pile of products to Review and my Blog Post list, from under a mound of To-Do’s, and blow some dust off of them. <Ugh!>

This blog is a serious case of, “Do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to How To Be A (Makeup) Blogger and Online Marketing. What Not To Do. And I use the term “blogger” lightly. I’m a Makeup Artist, true. But until the end of this month (I’m counting down the days!) My “job” titles read: Mommy, Wife, Homemaker, English Instructor at an International Language Center, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Makeup Trainer, and Nail Artist… Something’s gotta give! <Thumps fist on table>

So… It’s farewell to my time-consuming commute-low paying- last-minute on-call scheduling- mess of what used to be a pretty good thing- job. *Sigh*

And Hello, to more quality time with my daughter and attention to my Makeup Business. I miss conducting makeup trainings and workshops, and my online Makeup and Beauty shop is almost ready to fly! Check it out here please.

I’m thankful and excited. Bear with me, a while longer, please. I’ll be posting more regularly starting October. Keep a look out for my Makeup Essentials Workshop dates for October, and other makeup-related topics. Coming Soon!

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