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Two days ago I showed you the above “Preview” of the 2 Looks I did to help you decide on a Holiday (Party) Look. I’m usually all about Eyes, since mine are smaller and unfortunately, often puffy due to allergies and fatigue. However, Fall and Winter trends have been full of deliciously rich and bright reds and berry lip shades. Bold lips are better balanced with less color on the eyes. And as I mentioned, my eyes are usually pretty puffy, so I like them well-defined with a smoky-look. I don’t mean, the-“Which club are you going to?”- smoky- but more definition to allow for less color on my lips. Besides, I’m more for Tinted Shea butters on my lips these dry, chilly days!

Yesterday, I posted the LIPS portion of the Holiday Looks theme. So in this post, I’ll show you an example of making your eyes the focal point. I did the 2 looks in one sitting – so I just removed the Lip Tar in Strumpet (a vibrant raspberry pink), removed the eyeshadow (but kept the liner on, since it’ll help “anchor” this smoky look). I just retouched my base and concealer using my Beauty Blender.

Makeupbymerry Beauty Blender, Laura Mercier Eye Paints and Custom Palette

From this photo, I used the following products to create this smoky eye look:

1. As the base eyeshadow- Morning Dew (a slightly pinky beige, seen in the round eyeshadow the brush is pointing at, on the left of the photo above). It’s from my old and trusted Laura Mercier’s Eye Paints Palette. This is my most favorite palette but isn’t available in the market anymore. But..It’s been revamped as her ‘Artist’s Palette’- available at Sephora -while stocks last! It’s a beauty, and you’ll be glad to know, you can find both the following shades together!)

Laura Mercier 6 pan custom eyeshaow palette, African Violet, and Deep Night, MakeupByMerry

2. From my custom Laura Mercier palette (above), I used a dark navy shadow called Deep Night, along my top and bottom lash line and smudged it out on top of a kohl liner in Soft Navy from Boots 17 brand. I used the kohl pencil along my top and bottom waterline and brushed it between lashes into the eyeshadow. Tip: I like to sandwich and layer like this -eyeliner-eyeshadow-eyeliner, so the powder “sets” the liner and lasts longer without creasing, or smudging.

holiday look 20128-001

3. Then I diffused the edge with African Violet – a purple pink hue with copper flecks, and blended up to my brows. Tip: Using a good rounded edged (sable) brush like MAC #242 or Laura Mercier’s Ponytail brush will diffuse the golden-copper flecks when you blend African Violet into and above the crease, so you don’t end up with “specks” of shimmer, but instead will achieve a glow. I used my Sephora Crease brush, seen in the photo above.

4. I used Sandstone- an iridescent peach to highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. And since my brows were already filled in and defined, and my mascara was still on, all I had to do was go for a different pair of false lashes. Tada! …Smoky!:)

holiday look 20129

5. I wanted a less “Dewy” base for this look, so I cleaned up any fallen eyeshadow and brushed my Laura Mercier Powder Foundation #5 over my face- focusing on the flatter areas (cheeks, forehead, down my nose- haha!). Tip: Use a puff to “set” makeup with a powder, but to finish a look or to remove some shine- you can use the flat side of a Face brush. Sweep it along the contours of the face and buff.

6. I warmed up my previously sculpted cheeks with some matte bronzing powder, and added a pop of color on the apples of my cheeks and up towards the top of my ears. I used my Bronzing Powder (still in its old packaging) from The Body Shop with Vasanti Cosmetics’ Sun Peached Glow mineral powder. You can also try a soft rose pink blush like Bourjois  Little Round Pot Blush in Rose D’Or.

7. To balance the stronger Eye look- choose a more Nude lip shade like the one I’m wearing in the photo, from Inglot’s (Montreal Boutique) Lipstick #44 Nude.

holiday look 201210

There you have it! So, Are you going for Eyes, or Lips? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you all. If you have any questions, leave me a message and I’d be glad to chat:)

Have a good weekend!

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PS. Yesterday, Fri Dec 14th was a terribly heartbreaking day after the Elementary School Shooting in  Connecticut.. Being a mother of a 5 year old girl in kindergarten, this tragic news hit me hard. I couldn’t bear to go online and write about trivial stuff, like makeup.. It is a sad world we live in, that we could allow an obviously trouble soul, like the 20yr old young man- to purchase and own a gun, and not do anything to reach out to him ..before he shot his own mother, and many innocent little kids. My heart aches, and my head hurts. Tomorrow my little angel will celebrate her 5th bday.. For her, and the 11 kinder kids who will be attending, I posted this- in hopes that it could help me stop the tears. She needs me to be well (and I’ve been sick since Wed)..Today my prayers and thoughts go out to the family who lost their angels through this senseless act of darkness. They will never have the chance to witness their child grow another year older. RIP little ones..RIP everyone who died. God strengthen those who were left behind, give them wisdom, peace, and forgive us for turning a blind eye.

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