I love these make-up books!

Find great makeup, skin care tips & looks in these books!

Some of my fave makeup books: Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces; Ruby Hammer + Millie Kendall’s Face Up; Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual; Margaret Kimura’s Asian Beauty; and Sonia Kashuk’s Real Beauty.

Over the years, lots of you have been asking where I get my info on skin care and makeup tips from. I’ve been quick to tell you about the years I’d spent working in Brand management and training. Years, which had exposed me to tons of top products and application tips, providing answers to beauty concerns both from my clients and to the beauty consultants. But I don’t think I’ve given enough credit to the artists whose books I’ve been using to gain insight and knowledge from through the years.

Here are just a few of them that I’ve loved to look through for their down-to-earth tips, advise and also because of the pages of fabulous images of “real women” of all skin color and ages, and their stories. (Sorry about the poor picture quality!).

Way before YouTube and internet Makeup and Beauty sites and blogs were born, some of these artists decided to share their expertise to those who want to learn about makeup application. (I have some more books in my cabinet of Bobbie Brown, Kevyn Aucoin and of course, Laura Mercier-Hehe. Beautiful reads!). I always wished I could have my own little Beauty Hub/Cafe with a shelf of these books for my clients to look through while they sipped tea and chatted as they waited for their turn to have their individual beauty revealed with a touch of foundation, powder & gloss!:D

The latest in my collection is great ‘For Everyone from Beginner to Pro’, with tips which range from diverse beauty makeup application, Bridal makeup, what photographers look for in makeup (artists) and how to break into the makeup business, and more…! My friend and fellow makeup artist, Marie Calica, recommended it. Check out ‘Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual’.  ($32.00 in stores now).

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3 thoughts on “I love these make-up books!

    • Hi Chimebere,

      They are good reads for makeup enthusiasts–and there are more out there, that I’d love to add to my Makeup “library” soon!
      Thanks for dropping by! I’ll check out your blog, too ;)

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