I think I’m getting the hang of this!

I used to love writing. I found it therapeutic and…fun! But now I’m a mom, a working-mom at that, I am still trying to find the time and the energy to balance quality time with Noelle, my husband, the family and my friends – especially those I want to keep in touch with in England, USA and in the Philippines, my responsibilities at home and for my biz etc.. Doing this, is fun too (but it’s super time consuming!)  Right now, I am just anxious to get this up-and-running after the mess I made with my dysfunctional and defunct website (www.merrysmakeup.com), that the web designer’s still telling me he is working on… <UGH>

Here goes….. Get ready. I plan to talk and tell you lots about some of my fave products out there!;) Such as:

Laura Mercier's Limited Ed sets!

Laura Mercier’s Limited Ed sets!

Laura Mercier is one of my ultimate Fave TOP Brand. Her strength is in her Flawless Face range and steps that help women recreate their own Flawless Face at home, using Laura’s techniques and superb adjustable coverage yellow under toned foundations, highly pigmented concealers and powder (Cashmere talc) product lines. The rest of her make-up and Bath & Body lines are also fantastic! So, if anyone asks me which brand I prefer using, most of you will see me using and hear me say, “Laura Mercier” . Check out her website for tips too at www.lauramercier.com

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