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I’m so excited to share my experience of the International Make-up Artist Trade Show  with you! I have already read at least 4 reviews and haul posts about IMATS Toronto, which happened over the weekend. As with a lot of things, your experience depends a lot on your expectations or personal take on it. So.. I myself, had a great time! I really needed to replenish some stock in my kits since I was away and missed last year’s IMATS. I was so glad that my shopping list pretty much consisted of the show’s line-up of exhibitors’ products, that it didn’t bother me so much that other Brands- who were previously at the show, (Ex. Ben Nye, Cover FX, Nyx…) were not a part of it, this year. It was even more exciting to attend with a first-timer friend of mine, from back in my NARS days, (Hi Jacqueenie!!). Not to mention being able to catch up with and meet some fellow Toronto Beauty Bloggers, and makeup artist friends again. It was a well needed blast of girly fun that benefited my work, too! (How often can you say that, in all honest truth?!) I was just a bit disappointed not to find the light-weight portable Makeup Artist chairs or any lighted mirrors there, but the good definitely out did the bad points, for me.

Here’s a link to read more about what IMATS is all about if you need more background information on the show. And here‘s what I wrote about my first two experiences of going (in 2009 & 2010), from previous posts.

This year, I had planned on going for one full day (if not both days) and ended up going on Saturday from 9-5pm, so we could shop, chat, eat, network, shop again, and learn from some of the key-note speakers. Industry Insiders who shared some tips and real gems with us either on the Main Stage (which seats 500) or at the Open Forum Stage (seats 150).

Even after 15 years in the Industry, I still enjoy watching other makeup artists at work. I love learning and sharing tips throughout my makeup artist life journey! And I hope my students continue from benefiting from this, and grow in the knowledge that one never stops learning!:)

I can see how you’d want to come on both days now. It was tough to sit and listen to all the guest speakers’ time on stage, and get all my shopping done, considering I was taking photos for this, too.

My Shopping List was checked off (minus the Makeup chair and lights- Boo!) so we had time to have lunch at the lounge area.  Loved that a better variety of food and drinks were available this year and there was a dining area with tables and chairs to get away from the crazy Saturday crowd around the booths. I got to take more photos and  caught up with friends (finally met Ande of @MakemeoverAnde fame) and browse between heading to either of the two Stages, to listen to and watch demos by key-note speakers. (More about the two Educators and Lottie, after this: my IMATS Haul -aka damage-list Post).

Merry with Laura

Me with Laura (@LauraAmayaMUA)

Ms Samantha Moore

My girl Jacquee (and MIA..Ms Samantha Moore- We’re sorry you couldn’t make it babe!)

Merry With Tess

With Tess (@MakeupbyTess) and Ande after watching MAC’s Melissa Gibson at the Main Stage

Here’s what I brought home in my bags:

MakeupBYMerry's IMATS 2012 Haul [Oh gosh, please click on the photos in this gallery to see the larger images on the page attachment. You can view them all there. Sorry!]

Did you make it to IMATS Toronto this year? If so, what did you get? I’d love to know what you brought home and what you liked or disliked about the show this year. If not, maybe you can catch IMATS LA or come next year!:)

I think I’ll save the key notes’ tips for another post. This is getting too long! (I know. Like I ever post shorts. What can I say? I love to share!)       To Be Cont…

Next up on Makeup By Merry:

Tips from Melissa Gibson- MAC Senior Artist, Kevin James Bennett- multiple Emmy Award Artist and Lottie- talks about working in Fashion! Plus more IMATS Toronto 2012 photos.

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