IMATS 2014

It’s been just over a week since this year’s International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Toronto, and I’m finally getting around to posting my haul and experience, now. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram: @MsMerryB, you may have already seen these images.

IMATS 2014 haul ($150): From Nigel Beauty Emporium – lashes, great quality at 15 pairs for $20, various brushes from Bdellium (silent B) and Morphe (loving how nicely they blend and work the products so far! They wash/clean really well, too!);  Ben Nye powders from Frends – where I found some alternatives to my red rubber-tipped disposable mascara wands and disposable lip brushes for my bridal touch-up kits; and where I discovered some awesome waterproof creme foundation refills at $15 each, by AJ Crimson. Thanks to my @BlushPrettyTeam sisters for introducing me to this pro makeup artist and his line!IMG_20141122_230050_edit

What I’ll never understand is why some people go crazy with their spending, not planning out their lists and overhearing people saying, “I just grabbed a whole bunch and don’t care anymore”. I’m betting these were newbie or student makeup artists… No offense. Ladies and gents- pay yourselves first.  Some booths could have been better managed so that people could cash out sooner, or perhaps allow those who knew what they needed, to come through faster than the browsers. (I know, it can be tough to separate the two!) I was disappointed to see how some products sold out so early during the first day, though. Missed out on a pro bundle pack of Beauty Blenders by noon on the first day of the show!

I attended the Saturday 22nd Nov. show and fully intended to make the most of the day and my ticket. I paid around $40+ for it with my Makeup Artist Pro card. I only decided to get a membership a couple of weeks before the trade show. I followed the instructions on how to apply for pro card and thought to myself, if the card arrives on time, great. If not, I’d go ahead and buy the tickets for myself and my friend Jacquie. Got the card, a blue one (not a white one as I had expected, so the perks were less, but not all booths offered additional discounts anyway. So..*meh*). I applied the discount (a mere 10% off the ticket price) and looked forward to the day.

It’s always fun seeing my makeup artist friends there and meeting new social media friends face to face is exciting! This year – my makeup artist teamsters from BlushPretty (Laura Tran, Crista, Naomi, Arianne, and Tess) were one of the first to greet me in various clusters at the show. The newly engaged Fiona Man was there for a quick hi, as well as Donna superwoman Marie, who was in and out the first half an hour of IMATS- and brought home her must-haves in time to greet her son a happy birthday(!)…How efficient is that?! And the beautiful and talented Ms Ande (@Thebeautyblogca) and MUA pal Charisse, were there along with fellow MUA’s from the ‘Toronto/Canada MUAH Network‘. It was so nice to meet Jem (founder) live and in person, finally. Bummed I didn’t get to say hi to others who were working (Blur Makeup Room, MUFE… Ladies, hi!)

Aside from a big meet and greet catch-up opportunity, I did hope to listen to and learn from some of the keynote speakers as I normally do. This is what makes the ticket price worth it for those that don’t have a huge shopping list like me. Sadly, this year’s line-ups were crazy… I lined up for about an hour and THEN waited another 30mins or so, to pay at each of the 2 booths I needed to replenish my supplies from. Crazy. That, and assisting my poor injured friend in her wheel chair, meant time was flying and no seminars for me this year. <Sad face>.

I did, however get what I needed checked off my small list, aside from my Temptu foudations (missed the booth), and a much sought after portable makeup chair (didn’t see any this year). It was a lot of fun, aside from the line-ups but I could have gotten more out of it, had I managed to catch the seminars, too.

Did you go to IMATS this year? What did you get? What are your thoughts about the show (this one compared to the previous IMATS Toronto)?

Looking forward to hearing from you all. :)

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