IMATS Toronto Nov 6-7th 2010

Last year was my first time to go to the show, so I was super excited to get tickets for this year’s IMATS. I told some friends about it so we could go together or meet up there, and pre-bought my ticket online in October.

November is a busy month for my family, and the start of a lot of spending. Uh…By that I mean: Mom in law’s Birthday (06/11) my Wedding  Anniversary (07/11-today!), My husband’s Birthday (next week), my dad’s birthday (the following week)–my birthday, my daughter’s 3rd Birthday, one of my best friend’s wedding (and her birthday), Christmas (my husband and I have 11 godchildren altogether), my other BFF’s birthday…And my parent’s wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day! I know, this has nothing to do with why you clicked on this post so here’s more on my 2nd IMATS experience…

My kits are still pretty well stocked, so I went in with a mission to buy a list of essentials and stay within my budget:

  • Mascara wands, The Actor Bag ($49.95 and wands $2.50-$3.50 per pack of 50 at Nigel Beauty Emporium)
  • Disposable lip wands (I didn’t see any I liked left in stock)
  • Temptu airbrush cleaner + their new colors (Got the new shades in the 8-blush kit
  • Skip MUFE since I can always just use my Backstage card at Queen St. for 40% discount.
  • Extra tools (so I can store a brush roll in my emergency kit downtown) and maybe a couple of (fun) things I regretted not purchasing last year. (um..Naimie’s Beauty Center, OCC, Nyx, Pari Beauty, Yaby and of course Crown brushes and Royal & Langnickel. CHECK!).
My IMATS 2010 Haul

My IMATS 2010 Haul

Another thing I was really looking forward to doing this year was meeting up with the Toronto Beauty Bloggers, and  was especially excited to meet Farah, of ‘Faces By Farah‘ and Arianne, of ‘The Glitter Geek‘ fame. Both have sent me sweet messages through Twitter, and as usual, Farah had initiated and emailed us all TBB meeting times and locations at the show. … Family plans (for the above mentioned events) completely rearrangeded my IMATS day plan, and I sadly wasn’t able to shop (queue up) and meet the girls. My other IMATS woe was not being able to sit in on any of the workshops and meet the Pro guests, aside from catching a glimpse of the fab and stunning (YouTube Queen, makeup guru) Ms. Kandee Johnson, who sat just across from where I was stuck in line waiting to pay, with her few (hundred or so) fans who lined up to meet and greet her in person within a nanosecond. Plus, the first part of the MAC Pro presentation on Fall/Winter Runway Trends, with Director of Makeup Artistry, Ms. Nadine Luke.

Stephanie, hairstylist to the stars as  like to call her-Sandy Gold’s (of HappiFace fame) recent apprentice and I didn’t get to the show til 9:30AM and we had to leave by 1PM… SO it was a case of, “Let’s just go zig-zag from one end to the other, shop, tweet, say hi to friends, tweet, take photos for blog, tweet, shop and leave!

The end result? We actually didn’t go wild and over spend. I checked off everything that were on my list including a few items for friends, and got outta there on time. Last year we planned to do the same (and it was an epic fail).

IMATS 2010

What did you guys think of IMATS this year?

I wasn’t too impressed with the layout of the booths: Temptu was tucked away in a back corner, Make Up For Ever had a strange, bare, square of tables setting, there were cramped spaces and empty lounge areas where booths could have been more spread out. (And why was Nars there if they weren’t offering show specials? I was happy to see Francine Philips’ (National Makeup Stylist/Trainer) gorgeous smile and face there, and yes, Nars is still one of my babies…But I am getting tired of cheering for the brand when I empathise with new clients and friends who say how much they’re into it but that it’s so poorly sold in Toronto).

I still had fun though. You’ve gotta love the makeup Industry to really appreciate it.

So what did your IMATS haul look like?  Do share. Meanwhile, I still have an hour and a half left of my 6th wedding anniv to enjoy. (The 2 piles of laundry can wait til tomorrow).

celebrate Mom's Birthday

Made it back on time to buy an anniversary gift for the man, and to celebrate Mom’s Birthday with the fam:)

Ciao bellas!

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