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On set Entertainment Toronto.

A behind the scenes on set shot


Make-up for shoot: Entertainment Toronto – Holiday 2009

I just want to say THANKS to Natalie and Kevin, who are just two of the most hard-working (Hello, Honeymooners?!)  friendly, considerate and thoughtful folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with for TV.

Knowing I would be working with such a well-organized, easy-going crew and a familiar face, made waking up at 5AM easy(!)

You guys rock 🙂


Laura Mercier National Event @ Holt Renfrew Bloor and Yorkdale Mall:

holt ren yorkdale

Entrance to Holt Renfrew Cosmetics, Yorkdale. (Sorry, no cams allowed inside)…

WHEW! We just finished two events and today, I got a call from Roxanna, Laura Mercier Manager, (Yorkdale) saying thanks for all our hard work and help, and that we made the target. 🙂

The selling part of the event isn’t what us makeup artists are there for, (but essentially, that’s what these events are for). I actually had fun at the event with my fellow artists, this time.

The lead makeup artist guest from Laura’s team, Jodi, was so sweet, down to earth and super friendly– we couldn’t help but to smile and laugh along with her and the clients who came over to have a makeover. Jodi’s inspiration was her mom, whom she says was always so well put together. (Makes a refreshing change from all the “celeb focused” name dropper we sometimes meet at these events). She spoke at the client’s level and just gave them no-nonsense tips and tricks-of-the-trade about Laura Mercier’s products.

I even learned 2 new tricks and a great shadow shades combination which I’d love to try out on a client ASAP!

My FAVE tip: Mix a pump of Flawless Face Eye Serum with Laura’s Secret Concealer and pat on under eye circles to de-puff and banish dark circles!

And…an I learned something new…trick: For those with both puffy under eye bags and shadows (*sigh) apply concealer as usual, and add a bit of peachy cream blush, such as Laura Mercier’s Canyon, along the diagonal of your puffy eyes and blend, blend blend!  It’ll instantly minimize the look of puffiness, even before the arnica and caffeine ingredients kick in 😉

Flawless Skin Eye Serum – ($90.00) laura mercier flawless eye serum

Flawless Skin Eye Serum cares for, rejuvenates and stimulates the eye area by providing instant results through the immediate release of highly concentrated ingredients to combat wrinkle formation in the deeper layers of the delicate eye area.

Contains Deep Sea Water, a key ingredient that enhances metabolic reaction within the skin and helps cell renewal.

  • Quickly absorbed into skin helping to stimulate the repair of aging, tired eyes
  • Five times the active ingredients of the Flawless Skin Creme delivered immediately to address extremely fatigued eyes
  • Fine lines are diminished, skin texture is immediately enhanced and dark circles are brightened
  • Lifting and firming properties help to soften and smooth existing lines while preventing future lines
  • Light-weight, anti-aging formula is compatible for use with makeup
  • Arnica boosts eye area while brightening dark circles
  • Contains micronized diffusing pearls for an immediate line minimizing effect while the active ingredients provide long-term repair
  • Fragrance and Paraben free
  • Can be used day or night
  • Use in conjunction with Flawless Skin Eye Crème for more effective results
  • 0.63 oz./15g
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