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I had been a guest on Filipino TV Live a couple of times this year, (FTV airs live on Saturdays at 12-1pm, Rogers Channel 600) and so, when the producers asked me to join them for a live and televised makeover segment for the Mabuhay Festival on July 18th, 2009 –  I said, “Yes!”

This year, the Philippines celebrates its 111th anniversary of its Independence. Another huge milestone for my country. I had always been active in promoting the Philippine Tourism, when I lived in the UK, so an opportunity to take part in this even and perhaps meet and/or network with people from as far as neighboring US states and all over Ontario, was too good to miss.

The Philippine Independence Day Council (PIDC) hosted The Mabuhay Festival, in cooperation with Rogers and GMA Pinoy TV. On this event, The Filipino-Canadian Community was joined by friends in celebrating the Best of Philippine Arts, Culture, Heritage, industry and Charity. Gawad Kalinga, the major beneficiary of The Mabuhay Festival’s fund raising efforts said that 22 homes (of the pledged 50) had already been funded for the PIDC’s Toronto-Batasan GK Village. (The Toronto GK Village in Bicol was completed last year).

Fun, informative and positive promotion of what Filipinos can do here, without forgetting to help the poor in the Philippines. I was very excited to be part of the event and also, to be in it with top artists from the Philippines, Richard Gutierrez, Rhian Ramos and Iza Calzado, who were in town to promote the acclaimed GMA Pinoy TV series, “Zorro”. (uh…Shame we weren’t actually on the same time slot! I was heading straight to Pearson International Airport to pick up 2 other superstars who were coming to town: Mum and Dad! I miss you…*sigh*).

It was too bad the timing of my segment wasn’t the best in reaching more of my target audience at the event, but it was timed for an airing of “FTV Live!” at the Minerva Studio section of the Hall. It was them, who invited me after all. (Mia- your PR and marketing skills would’ve come in very handy!). Oh well, I don’t know how effective the segment was for my makeup biz, but I still enjoyed the delicious food and trade show before I dashed off. …I heard the crowd later got into the party as they rocked to the Juan de la Cruz band and waited in line for an hour to get their fave stars’ autographs and to milk the photo-ops.

Here’s some snap shots of the event:

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