I first heard about this brand in Canada, from one of the Toronto Beauty Bloggers (TBBs), and didn’t know that it had arrived in the Philippines, just a few months ago. I saw a review on their best selling Lash Expander Frame Plus: a mascara that claims to provide Dynamic lengthening and eyeliner effect that is sweat, sebum, tear and waterproof! It has scored 4.3 out of 5 in beauty Reviews and is a fave for Asians with short stubborn lashes (like mine). As if that wasn’t enough to intrigue me to go for a closer look, the pretty packaging and Ad campaigns were all over SM Makati’s (Department store) Cosmetics Department, AND I found out that the line is by Shiseido.

Here’s a pic of my mini haul from SM Makati, with thanks to Beauty Advisors, Arlene Ambrocio and Macybelle Cambil (pictured):

majolica majorca

Lft-Rt: Lash Expander Frame Plus Php795; Lash Bone Black Fibre In (mascara base) Php795; Skin Remaker (Case) Php450/Php895 with Pore Cover SPF 18PA+ Powder Foundation; Customize Case (for 2x e/shadow singles or 1x Blush) with mirror Php395; Pressed Pore Cover (Powder) Php895/Php595 Refill only; Jeweling Eyes RD784 shadow palette Php795 and Blusher (refill) Orange Php495; Out of the pretty shades of Nail Polish, I chose OR 213 and VI311 Php225 each.

majolica majorca

Arlene (left) was so patient with me and both she and Macybelle were very friendly and helpful as I swatched products before choosing my final seven. The Blingy gold cosmetics case was a gift (for purchase of Php1,000+). Thanks ladies! Don’t forget to text me when the New Collection arrives in July, please:) I’ll come back for the cases and the waterproof dense black Cream Liner Php595 (Glides on and works as a base as well as liner!) And I had to rub soap and water on the back of my hand twice before the liners (in Photo) came off, so yes, they are truly waterproof!

The eyeshadows were a bit too shimmery for my own personal (wear) taste, but I like the texture and blend-ability. Don’t be afraid to blend well with a sable brush to disperse the glitter particles and to achieve a more subtle glow. You can see the effects of the shadows on their own (on Kristel’s lids) and on top of a black cream shadow base (I used Laura Mercier’s Black Caviar Smoky Liner) for a more dramatic smoky look (on my eyelid). I really like the Red pearlescent Automatic Liner’s precision and glide (Php695) Available in 7 shades with a bold black base and subtle metallic hues. The blush was fresh, pretty and both Kristel and I can wear it easily with our different skin tones. I chose my fave shades (from last season) from the 12 non glittery quick Drying Nail colors -in Violet and Orange (Peachy Coral) since I’m almost out of my Essie shades. Loved how easy they were to apply and dried very quickly! …Last but by no means least… TheMascara base and Expander. It will take some minor adjusting to their comb-like applicators, coming from my trusted teardrop/tapered mascara brushes! But… Take a look at this Before and After of Kristel’s lashes when Arlene showed us the difference after using the Super lengthening Lash Expander in Black. (I was disappointed that none of the brands used disposable mascara wands in store, so we just did one eye. Take note pls DMs- Disposable wands are A-MUST please) :

Eye with mascara

One coat of semi-transparent Lash Bone Black Fiber In (base) to help with lash fullness, length, mascara’s staying power and longer lasting curl (hold), followed by 2 coats of Lash Expender Frame Plus, in Black. A few more layers and a better application (had I not distracted Arlene by my comments about them not having disposable wands!) would have resulted in a fully lengthened set of lashes. Easy to remove with an Oil-based eye makeup remover! Doesn’t flake UNLESS you rub your eyes and apply incorrectly. You can apply fresh coat after fresh coat to extend the fibers and lengthen lashes. TIP: Press base of comb into lash roots for instant tight liner/fuller base. You may have to layer with a volumizing mascara, if Volume’s what you’re after, as well as length. (Yes please!).

I mentioned my PA (all around helper and supernanny) Kristel, earlier. As you’ll see for this post’s BEFORE and AFTER shots, I decided to use her as my hair & Makeup model (with her full consent!) as she was having a bad day missing family and friends and needed reminding of how beautiful she is. (Psst! 4 words Kristel:) Focus. Attitude. Thank you!)

majolica majorca

That’s Kristel’s eye in the center with a more subtle use of the palette RD784, and My lid in the bottom left, with the palette over Black Caviar smoky Liner by Laura Mercier. I used just the darker shade on the bottom lid, with the rose shade as a bridge to blend the black base out, and the shimmer pearl shade up to the brow and inner corner. The Majolica Majorca’s Cream Pencil Liner would work really well with these looks!

I’m sorry about the image quality! I need a better camera, and it’s on my shopping list already…

Kristel with a mini Eye and cheek-over with her regular pretty straight hair

The left is Kristel with a mini Eye and cheek-over with her regular pretty straight hair (I couldn’t find a good Before shot of her without my daughter) and the right was taken on her phone with white light After I flat-iron curled her hair and enhanced her eyes and cheeks with my mini Majolica Majorca haul! (Base: Cinema Secrets & Laura Mercier, Lips: MAC and Brows: Paul&Joe)

Go Check out Majolica Majorca’s Sweet Sugary Trap counters, and look for Arlene and Macybelle at SM Makati. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “MAJOLICA MAJORCA Review

  1. Is this for real? Wow the mascara is a real miracle worker. I have very short eye lashes and I want to have them long and full (but I don’t like it when my mascara smears and gives me that emo look. Hello! we are in the Philippines where it’s hot and humid all the time :-( ) Thanks for the tip Merry. Will check out this product. Who knows I might just start wearing make-up regularly from now on.

    Keep the suggestions coming :-)

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