Makeup Workshops – Toronto (GTA)

New Year, New Look, New Knowledge.

We all have one thing in common. We love makeup! (That’s what lead you hear, right?)

Whether you are a product or makeup junkie, a makeup artist, an aspiring one, or a beauty boutique owner – it’s the right time of year to sign up for some lessons. Just in time for Spring and another busy wedding season!

Join the many past Makeup By Merry, learners and be more confident in your new makeup wardrobe and application skills. It’s my passion to teach and I love sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up and learned from working with the best in the industry for over two decades! There are so many tips and tricks of the trade to learn, straight from the pros and myself to you.

Here’s a list of what we offer for private (1-on-1) customized lessons, to small (2-6 people) group workshops:

* Makeup Essentials – Beginner to Intermediate Level. Everything you need to know about skincare, base (Primers and Foundations), sculpted cheeks, picking colours for day-to-evening eyes, and shaping brows and lips. This is our bestseller and popular for bridal parties, too!

* Tricks’n'Trends – Intermediate Level. This is the next class up from Makeup Essentials and focuses on the “flawless face” canvas, and today’s trends.

* Bridal Beauty – Intermediate to Advanced Level. Aspiring makeup artists can take this class to review or learn the musts and art of wedding makeup. It focuses on camera-ready, timeless and classic beauty looks, with a review of working with various mediums, lighting and clientelling.

* Fashion and Editorial – Intermediate to Advanced Level. Bring in your work for us to review or refine and practice timing and some current fashion and editorial “tricks”. There’s an option to upgrade this course to a Fashion and Editorial portfolio building course with a professional photographer and studio venue, where you get to take a CD of your work home. Must provide your own model for this. Additional fees apply.

* The Art of Airbrush Makeup - Beginners. You must own or rent your own airbrush makeup equipment for this course. This workshop focuses on how to clean and maintain your airbrush gun, and equipment, and how to create flawless strokes of air-base, cheeks, and contour and highlight.


Each makeup lesson or workshop is 2-3hrs long, depending also on the learner and their level. You may combine some lessons and book a package, if you’d like to complete more than one class in an intensive 1 to 2-day workshop.

NOTE: The schedule will depend on your availability and that of the studio and myself. In-home lessons can be arranged, depending on location and packages enrolled in. Please inquire by email. 

What do the lessons/workshops include?

All Handouts, use of my in-class kit with all the products you’ll need (except for The Art of Airbrush equipment – for which you must bring your own equipment) and applicators will be provided.

Do I need to bring my own makeup or tools? What if I don’t have any?

That’s okay, you don’t have to bring anything, except for your own skincare products if you have skin sensitivities or allergies. You may bring your own tools and makeup IF you have any to show me for review and/or recommendations. You do not need to purchase anything prior to or for the workshops.

Can I buy makeup at the workshop?

No, I will not be selling any makeup. I educate and make recommendations so you can make an informed decision of what you need and want to purchase on your own after the lesson(s), and I’ll suggest where to purchase the product recommendations from.

Do you issue a certificate after the workshops or lessons?

I will provide a certificate of completion to those who have successfully completed their workshop(s) or lesson(s). Certificates will be issued at the end of the lesson or mailed to the learner within a week.

How much are the makeup workshops and lessons?

Pricing starts at $150 per person per lesson. We also offer hairstyling for makeup artist lessons and kit editing private classes. For full pricing and other details, email or call today and start learning.

Contact Us: 416 648 5956 Subject: Makeup Lessons

Call the no. or email us for a free consultation. Happy New Year!

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