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Last year, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and mentioned the need to get back in the loop after having been away for a year. While chatting with a fellow hair and makeup artist, Donna Marie (@DonnaMarieMUA) – she told me about Stephanie Daga, (Founder) and her BlushPretty team.

They were “on the prowl” for more makeup and hair artists as Stephanie’s business continues to expand after reaching its 9-year run this year. Elaine of @TOBeautyReviews fame, met with me as BlushPretty’s artists management and event coordinator. We had a lovely chat about what I’ve done, and how we could work together. What really caught my attention was how I kept hearing about how the team was made up of girls who truly supported each other, and how Stephanie always promoted the team’s individual and collective growth. It just seemed like exactly what I needed…

Stephanie and I met a couple of weeks later, and she wondered how I could work my (previously) established freelance career alongside her artistry team. To be honest, all I could think of at the time was how much I wanted to be a part of a group (of ladies) who really showed such support for each other. Partly because I really miss my best friends. My girlfriends back home. And partly because I have no room for people in the beauty industry who put themselves out there to be one of the best, while bad-mouthing and back-stabbing their peers. It’s a weakness on their part. But I think there’s a general lack of sharing and well, it’s an extremely competitive industry. However, in an industry like ours- where we mostly promote the outer beauty, I like to uphold the importance of looking into what’s inside, too. I knew I could adjust and be part of a team. I just didn’t know exactly how it would go until I jumped in. After all, I’ve been so used to bringing in my own clients and being involved in the process from start to finish. Used to getting referrals from past brides, or from my hairstylist-partner-in-crime, the very talented, Ming Justin Cheung, who I’ve done many Toronto Weddings with in the past.

So, a couple of months into being part of the BlushPretty team and here’s what I have to say: Love it!

Stephanie, has around 15 (and counting) artists on the roster. But unlike other say, “agencies” you may sign with, she understands that each artist has their own lives, priorities (family) and let’s face it, gigs. Artists may sign up on an exclusive or part-time basis, a season at a time. To speak of how understanding she is, we just exchanged emails about me switching back to being an associate (part-time) artist with her team, so that I may focus on my own makeup workshops and upcoming gigs this year.

Open communication helps to keep lines clear when scheduling conflicts (and inevitable misunderstandings) occur in any workplace. But a group made up of ladies.. of all types of personalities and status in life… All I can say is, I feel like I’ve found friends as well as a team, in this group of women (and men – photographers).

So far, I have attended 1 MUA’s photoshoot, 1 Wedding, 1 Trial, and a Shopping Event, with more weddings, a shoot and trials to come! Just to show you some of the fab indie beauty products and stella & dot accessories available at the Blush Pretty Boutique, right at the heart of trendy Queen St. Toronto, here are some snapshots from last Thursday’s snowy Shopping Event. 15% off most cosmetics, cupcakes and “wine”!

Blush_Pretty_Boutique_Shopping_eventI couldn’t help but treat myself, of course. And not just with the cupcakes!I’ll share my mini haul on another blog post.

I’ll leave you with an invitation to join me for this BlushPretty event:

Workshop: Trending: Spring/Summer 2013

‘Why do we love makeup? Well, it’s the easiest way to fall in line with seasonal trends in a jiffy at a reasonable cost. A new lip colour, a new eyeliner, maybe a new blush – so easy to do and we have the tricks to make sure you’re pulling it off right!

BlushPretty makeup artist, Merry B., will take you through the hottest trends in beauty for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. She’ll show you how to pair your spring skirt with the latest spring makeup trends, or what bronzer and blush combo will work splendidly with your summer sandals and tees!’

The perfect workshop for: game changers and leaders who are always a step ahead of the trends and want to pull it off with confidence. Also a great workshop for stylists and wedding planners who want to give a little more guidance to their clients!

All you need: your basic makeup kit and tools; inspiration photos of trends you want to learn!
Cost: $30 (with eventbrite ticket fee); refreshments included

The BlushPretty || fresh.beautiful Studio
313 Queen St. West, Suite 204
Toronto, ON
On the corner of Queen+John

Thursday, February 28, 2013

6:00 – 8:00 pm

Event Contact:
Stephanie Daga

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