My Fave Beauty Haven #3 – Pure Beauty, Serendra

The places I have featured so far, have their own unique charm about them. Their staff are friendly and welcoming, their location also dictates which place I may visit for my needs, and the products I need may point me to the direction to head. So they’re not necessarily in order of preference. But each worthy of a shout-out for being so fabulous.

Since my computer or WordPress doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me this AM, this will be (unusually) short and sweet! If you’re looking for a recognized makeup school that has a great reputation (the largest in the US, launched in 1998, California) and is in a great area – Makeup Designory (MUD) Manila, has classes right behind the cash register desk seen in the picture below. It’s a school by makeup artists for makeup artists:)

Shop for your favorite and hard-to-find makeup, nail and hair supplies here and then go out for lunch, dinner or drinks with the girls at BGC high street. Better still, get the man to treat you for all of the above for Valentine’s Day! ;)

Pure Beauty, Serendra

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