Make Up For Ever – my mini haul

To say thanks to those of you who read (and stuck around to finish) my last post about the Dany Sanz Make Up For Ever seminar, I thought I’d dedicate this to those who come to Makeup By Merry (blog) to see actual makeup swatches and reviews, as well as to learn some makeup artist tips from my articles.

So here are the products I came home with after that seminar:

MakeUpForEver Pro Finish AquaBrows HDBlush HDPowderAs I mentioned in my previous post, I would’ve rather spent my money on the Pro Finish Powder Foundation- inserts (magnetized pans that go in an empty palette $29 each) than on one compact $42 each. My kit is pretty stocked up. Moving on to more positive chit-chat however… I did complete my replenishment and shopping list with the rest of what came home with me: three shades of Aqua Brow- brow correctors, that are fantastic waterproof brow gels that come in a light weight formula in tubes. $22 each. I also got two HD creme blushes $26 each, that I’m sure will last forever, since they’re so pigmented! And for my airbrush kit- the HD Microfinish Powder $35. All, less the 40% pro Backstage Card discount, totaled around $115.00 with tax which covered the $95 seminar fee and then some!


MakeupForEver HDBlush #3 #12 Highly pigmented

Just to show you what one (1) pump looks like, look at the pink (#3 Truth or Dare) and half a pump of (#12 First Kiss) near my finger is all you need!

The HD Blushes come in 14 shades, at $26 each (Sephora) and you truly only need a tiny amount as they’re all so pigmented. But don’t be afraid to use them! A little goes a long way but they blend so beautifully on bare and moisturized skin, even on top of a liquid foundation, Tinted Moisturizer or BB Creme. Here I am trying the Apricot shade called #12 First Kiss on one cheek, and the hot pink/fuchsia  #3 Truth or Dare on the other. Clearly I should’ve pumped more of the apricot shade out- since it had a more translucent finish than the more vivid matte hot pink shade!

mufe haul2 MUFE HDBlush Hot pink Apricot mufe haul1

Sephora describes them as:

What it is:
A cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow.

What it does:
HD Microfinish Blush combines mattifying and reflecting powders to create a soft-focus effect for a radiant complexion. Its ultra-fine, second-skin texture blends seamlessly, imparting a healthy glow that’s hard not to notice.

What else you need to know:
Formulated with evaporating oils, HD Microfinish Blush has a long-lasting result. Dermatologist tested. Paraben free.

I used my duo fibre Bdellium brush #953 (Pronounced del-lee-yum. Silent /B/) that I absolutely love to apply my creme foundations on with, but I later switched to my finger to show you the placement (see the dots) of the Make Up For Ever #3 Truth or Dare HD Blush: Start at the apple of your cheek, up on the peak of your cheek bone, and towards the top of your ears. Just make sure you blend right away and- NOT into the hair line, please!

Note: The dots are for illustration only. I prefer to stipple my brush over a tiny bit of this micro-finish blush as seen in the photo above, on my cinema secrets palette. Then, you can blend the color onto your cheeks in smooth, feathery strokes. Making sure to blend out any hard edges as you go along.

Tip: If you prefer to use your finger(s) just pick up a tiny bit at a time- remember it packs a lot of pigment, so a little goes a long way, and blend along cheeks while smiling into a mirror. Start right on the apple of your cheeks, or a little higher to make room for blending downwards if you start to see any harsh lines. Give your blush an inch of space from your under-eye concealer and corners of your nose for a more flattering finish. Blend up and out towards top of ears and fade onto temples.

Next I was excited to try out the new Pro Finish Powder Foundation compact. This powder can be applied dry for a natural, matte finish, or wet -with a sponge or a brush. Again I used one of my beloved Bdellium brushes, #949 – the pointed concealer/foundation one for the right side of my face, where I wanted to see the Pro Finish applied wet (second photo below). I loved the pointed powder foundation MUFE brush that Dany Sanz used as she demonstrated this buildable “freedom product” on stage. But it’s $50 from Sephora. (I’ll think about it).

Applying the Pro Finish Powder Foundation dry with the sponge it comes with:

MUFE Pro Finish Powder Dry

Tip: On my left cheek, where the #3 Truth or Dare HD Blush was, I wanted to apply Pro Finish Dry. This is my Bridal Makeup Tip. Apply a creme or liquid blush on top of primer, and then apply base on top of it. You can layer over the foundation with another touch of blush in a complementing shade and/or set with a powder blush. Result: blush that looks like it comes from within, and a beautiful sculpted cheek even before or without a contour and highlighter!

Applying the Pro Finish Powder Foundation with a wet brush:

mufe haul4

Tip: For combination skin, you can apply Pro Finish dry on the oilier zones like on the T-zone, and apply it wet on dryer areas-like on and around the cheeks.

See how the right side of the powder foundation was wet by the brush, yet it's showing no signs of graying or bumps! It's a fantastic versatile product!

See how the right side of the powder foundation was wet by the brush, yet it’s showing no signs of graying or bumps! It’s a fantastic versatile product!

Makeup Forever Blush and Powder

I think it’s important to say that I didn’t actually buy the MUFE HD products because I use them when I work with Hi-Definition cameras. If you know how to apply your products well, you should be able to apply regular products and make it look great in HD conditions, too! But I do love how smoothly and fine these Make Up For Ever HD products apply.

And the Aqua Brows… I’ll just let the before and after tell the story…

What it is:
A long-lasting, smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows.

What it does:
Aqua Brow is a highly pigmented gel that enhances and reshapes natural brows. Its superior waterproof formula creates a strong hold while its high concentration of pigments allows for intense color payoff that will not fade. Aqua Brow’s creamy gel texture gives an even, natural result that will last all day.

Application Tip: I like to start by “lifting” the arch of the brow, then, keeping the brow brush in line with the direction of my brow hair growth, a fill in the gaps with short, feathery strokes, so the base meets with the arch, and the arch flows to a sharp tail/tip. Brush through brows with a brow brush or a clean mascara wand (disposables or an unused toothbrush) before applying Aqua Gel and in between application to achieve a more natural finish. I mix the shades # 20 and #40 to match my dark brown/black hair.

Before and After MUFE AquaBrow Brow correctormufe aqua brow swatches

Have you tried these Make Up For Ever products? Which ones are your faves? I love how this brand makes professional products available to the public, too. It’s definitely one of my top brands.

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4 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever – my mini haul

    • Hi Jenny!
      I got your tweet earlier, too. Thanks!:)
      I’ve been using Paul & Joe brow duo pencils, or MAC’s automatic brow pencils over my Laura Mercier Brow Duo (powders). Still love them, but I am SO glad the MUFE Aqua Brows exist!

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    • Hi Nicola!

      Just use a dot (half a pump) and blend up and out on apples of cheeks.. build up gradually. I like it just like this, then “set” with one of my fave powder blushers (like my Nars Deep Throat, and Vasanti Cosmetics Peached Glow :) Play with a dot and see how far it goes on the back of your hand first;)

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