My Nail Kit

Once in a while I get a talent or a client who needs to have their nails done on top of their makeup and hair, to complete the look we’re going for. I had never thought of doing nails when I got into the Makeup Industry, but loved the new Nail Polish colors which were often launched with Makeup Collections. Then, one day I was editing my portfolio and came across a couple of great images: Makeup and hair looked awesome (if I say so myself), the model did a brilliant job, the Photographer got the shot..but wait..WHat’s that? Bare nails. In the frame! Ughh…

So, I picked up lots of tips and techniques from the fantastic technicians from Nail Salons that we have in the Philippines (who, by the way, could teach some of the $34-$50 a pop Mani/Pedi places around here, a thing or two!). I took an intensive Nail course and put together my own Nail Kit -using my trusted old makeup train case! Hello “Blue”- I still need you! (Yes, I named my kit. She was my first ever makeup kit, and yes, she’s blue. Electric Blue to be exact! Don’t Judge.)

My Nail Kit: Nail polish remover, cuticle softener, pushers, Manicure tool, cotton pads, nail cutter, nail nipper, nail dampen dish, some nail art tools and a range of nail polishes- in matte, high- shine, glitter, gloss and milky finish.

I’ve had clients who just needed a quick nail color change or a cleaning. They often don’t expect you to do nail, too- here in Toronto. But my clients in Manila, Philippines and a few celebs have actually asked for their nails to be done, too. So I bring my Nail Kit as needed, or at least a small bag of nail essentials, as a back up.

Work aside, I also enjoy doing my own nails and dabble with Nail Art now and again. It’s relaxing and fun! When I have the time. Question is..[looking at my dry bare nails] When do I find the time?


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