My Top Beauty Haven #2 – Suesh (Alabang Town Center, Gardens)

Here’s the second (the third including the Intro) post on MY top Makeup and Beauty stops in Manila. Having been away for 5 years, I really didn’t know where to go to stock up or replenish my makeup and tools/equipment here. So I asked my makeup artist friends and soon found out where the best online and retail store suppliers were. Can’t go wrong by asking the local Pro’s and beauty buffs!

First, a shout-out for the tips Cathy and for the supplies for my makeup classes Sydney Go -of China Doll Style Blog fame, and Nippon Esthetic Solution -I LOVE Parian Spirit brush cleaner.

On to the star of this post: Suesh Makeup Toolkit.

Suesh Alabang Town Center

Suesh Alabang Town Center Opening: February 5th 2012

It’s pronounced “Sue-Sh” and not as I’d been saying- “Swesh” the past 9 months(!)- giving me away as a newbie, much like my “Tor-on-Toe” pronunciation does of the Canadian “Toron’-O” City where I’ve been based for several years. Anyway, I’m like a kid in a candy store in this place! Everytime I’ve been there. Check out these snaps that I took of their new branch in Alabang Town Center (ATC) at the Mall’s  Gardens (wing) last Sunday:

I can’t shop too much because of the luggage-weight limitation going to Toronto, but it made sense to stock up on my disposable wands (a pack of 10pcs for P75/3 packs for P200), powder puffs (stand-out from the rest Leopard print design P70 each), a neat finger glove P400- to protect me from burns when I use my hot curler/straightener on clients;  a box of Natural-Look false lashes for my brides (P400-Great deal considering, so far I’ve seen them sold at prices that are more expensive than Toronto (I mean, “T’ron-O” suppliers) and a face guard (P250) to shield client’s face from hairspray- also a good deal, since I cracked the one I had and felt bad for spending on a new one til I found the Suesh ones. Love that they have a rubber grip handle and the shield is smaller than the regular sizes I’ve seen in the market, yet large enough to do a good job. Plus, they come in blue, pink… ;)


These babies came home with me last weekend. Replenishing makes “Shopping” feel guilt-free haha!

There’s so much more to see, including the director’s style makeup chairs, makeup kits that have drawers, brush holders, sharpeners, hair stylist’s tool kits/rolls in fun colors…It’s also a fantastic plus, that the Suesh staff are so friendly, knowledgable and look the part!:)

Visit their website to find out more:

I was browsing through their website when I found their contact no. re: Direct orders and inquired about their makeup chairs (since I need one and had missed the IMATS in Canada last year).

 Good news! We are currently accepting individual orders and we will deliver for *free in Metro Manila! Just text us at 09178942625 or call our landline: 8068013/7823797 to order.

Payment through Bank Deposit at BPI/ BDO /Gcash/ PayPal.
Please see PRODUCTS page for all our product listings and prices. -Suesh

Someone texted me back, in perfect English and their friendliness came through the text- I could almost imagine her voice answering my queries. Wasn’t until that evening and the following day that I found out it was Ms Sheryll herself, one of the sisters who own the boutiques, who I was communicating with! Haha. She invited me to the ATC opening and gave me a gift pa. Thank you! :)

Alex and Mylene Wollboldt, Jeena and Merry at Cibo

Alex and Mylene Wollboldt, Jeena and Me at Cibo. We missed my GF Jazel.

That was a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends and…Makeup Shopping!

Thanks Ladies. I’ll see you again soon!

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