Nars: Runway, Real Way, NARS way

I was chatting with a good friend of mine, Trisha, the other day. She used to use NARS makeup and NarsSkin, even before I switched to the brand’s skin care line which we did not have available in the Philippines during the time I was Brand Managing. She said that she loved Nars but just got into [another brand] that was available near her condo/office and sort of…got lazy. But we both agreed that it’s a fantastic insiders’ brand and that its products can sometimes be misunderstood, unless its uses and benefits are shown to you by an artist…

Francois Nars was a pioneer. He’s a huge reason as to why women wear our foundation the way we do today…to enhance, rather than to mask our skin and face. And the first ever 3-in-1 multi-purpose sticks, The Multiples – cream-to-powder makeup that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks (and even on the body!) was invented by Nars himself, to show us women how easy it is to look pretty, polished, and ready for our very own “red carpet” in life. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a makeup must-have for all your purses and makeup kits!

Just check out these videos of NARS-Runway, Real way, NARS way -Backstage at the A/W 2010 3.1 phillip lim and marc jacobs show.

Enjoy and stay beautiful!

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