New Year, New Brand- Annabelle

Marketing has so much to do with how you connect with your clients and potential customers. A great example of this is when I tweeted about my kid’s Kinder Christmas Concert last year, and @AnnabelleTweets replied, relating to my joy. I’d already been curious about  Annabelle cosmetics because it’s so new to me. Sometimes, a little genuine interaction is all one needs to engage someone and get them to turn their attention to you (your brand). So let that be a lesson to you other (big name) brands out there!

To add to my New Year, New Brand (products) I picked up a few items from Annabelle (and Marcelle. You know, just dipping my toe in first. Trying out these 2 staple Canadian brands for the first time). From Annabelle, I saw these cute and handy looking Twistups. They’re Retractable Lipstick crayons + lipliner in one. No need for a jumbo sharpener? Well, ok! I always lose my sharpeners and I hate how wasteful sharpening pencils can be. I hear these have been around since last Summer, but hey- looked like a good place to start for a newbie like me! Then I read that its main ingredients included Omega 3+6, and my fave lip product ingredient for its non-greasy, conditioning benefits, Shea Butter. Plus it’s Paraben and perfume free. I didn’t see all 12 available shades: Absolute, Breeze, Bubble, Divine, Fizz, Flirtini- (want this after seeing swatches on Sparkled Beauty‘s Blog. Check out her post and swatches!)… Kinky Pink, Kiss, Mai Tai, Mimosa, Royale, and Tease where I shopped. But I chose Mai Tai and Royale, of the 5 that were in stock, and decided to just go back for the others later, if I liked them. And I do!

Annabelle Twistups MaiTai Royale

I also got one of Annabelle’s Smudge Paints in Tar, to replace my Make Up For Ever creme eyeliner which had dried up in the pot, (boo!) after my friend Anna (@SicilianaBeauty) and fellow makeup artist’s recommendation. Have a look at her Review of the Smudge Paints from last year (yes, I’m behind) if you want to see how they look “smudged-on” as a creme shadow/base, as well as an excellent gel-creme liner. $10.95 2g The photo below shows the Smudge Paint in Tar, as it comes (1) – without the top on and small domed brush detached (2),and brush attached on top of the lid which turns into its handle (3). It pops off sometimes, so be careful. But I don’t mind it at all. TIP: Angle the brush to get the desired thickness of the line – using its edge for a thinner line or wing, and brush on flat to fill in or smudge. I’d apply with the brush, then smudge with either my finger or a creme shadow brush, not with the brush itself.

Annabelle Smudge Paints Tar

I tried the Twistups first, and immediately loved the smooth no-drag application. Loved the colors that I picked so much, that I wore both all day on the days I tried them each. My lips didn’t react as they sometimes do to other new lip products (by bloating, then chapping. Eek!). I lined my lips first, filled and then refined. I’ve worn it as is -alone and shiny, and as a stain, by blotting once to leave just the pretty color without the shine. Layer on for more pigment and a bolder look. $9.95 0.05oz/1.5g available at drugstores (SDM, Rexall, Walmart).

I’m definitely going back to visit Annabelle for more products! So if you’re a late bloomer when it comes to trying Canadian brands Marcelle and Annabelle, like me – go grab some of these must-have products for starters. They’re not as expensive as the brands I usually stock my kit with, but looking at the ingredients and pricing, it’s not hard to switch.

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Brand- Annabelle

  1. Thanks for the link, Merry, and welcome to the Annabelle world. Speaking subjectively (lol) there are quite a few gems in their lines of products – not all will wow you, I’m sure – but there’s only one way to find out if they do or not, isn’t there? 🙂

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    • Haha, TRUE..You’re welcome:) Shopping list is growing. But I like to think of it as “saving money”. Finding great products for less $.

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    • You’re welcome! I am. And I love that they are cheaper than my usual brands, so I save money, too!:D
      Thanks for telling me about the smudge paints xoxo

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