Out with the Old

In with the new – Theme, that is. Since the disappearance of my personal website (and it’s designer!) I’ve been relying on this site and wordpress to help me build my business. I started blogging to help me cope with the changes I’ve been encountering after immigrating to Canada, and started my “lookingpretty.wordpress.com” blog as a back up, as well as a way to share some of my tips, tricks and experiences in the Beauty Industry more personally.

First of all, some of you already know that I’m NOT much of a techie… And as I’ve previously posted here, Blogging, although fun and therapeutic, is extremely time-consuming. I have no ambition to try to keep up with the “professional Beauty Bloggers” here in Toronto, whom I so enjoy subscribing to myself! But I do know, building my brand from the bottom up again means work.

So, 6 months into the year, I decided to clean up my act (and my site!) – Ta-dah!!! A New Theme, a fresh custom header (which for some reason comes up pixellated and blurred Can anyone help me fix it?) A new Site title, widgets, tags and best of all…an upgrade of a shorter, more professional sounding domain: www.makeupbymerry.com

So why the old, “Looking Pretty (dot wordpress dot com) mouthful?
I didn’t think I’d be using that URL on my contact card or for referrals. I didn’t know it was that easy to “upgrade” to a sharper, shorter domain name that it can be permanently linked to and… I’ve always liked it when I’ve been called “pretty” and tell my clients the same thing when we look at how easy makeup can bring out her natural beauty together. I often say, “See? Very pretty” and they instantly beam and continue to check their newly made up and appreciated faces.

Looking Pretty, Feeling Good. That was (and still is) the way I see to it that I look and feel my best each day. Even when I need to convince myself repeatedly on a rough hit-snooze-5x morning!!

Looking Pretty, Feeling Good. Feeling good? Looking Pretty! Makes sense, right?

Beauty on the other hand. Beauty comes from within. Makeup’s great at allowing us to see one’s beauty more readily (if applied properly) and shared generously. That’s what’s so beautiful about my job:)

So, here it is… I can show it off more now Ha Ha. Welcome to my blog/website. A work in progress.

Let’s Talk. Let’s Talk Makeup. Let’s Talk Makeup By Merry (that’s me!)

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