Paul & Joe and Ryan Craig French

About 5 years ago, Cosmetic Brand Paul & Joe was born, and shortly after, launched in Harrod’s and New Bond St. in London UK….and in Rustan’s Glorietta Philippines, where I first fell in love with Paul & Joe’s chic and beautiful packaging and colours.

Paul & Joe started as a fashion brand in Paris in 1995. The woman behind Paul & Joe, Sophe Albou, is a French fashion designer and the Brand was named after her two sons, who are still active (one more than the other) in the Brand’s cosmetic line development. Yesterday, it was my pleasure to meet International Artist, Spokesperson and Lead Product Advisor for Paul & Joe cosmetics, Ryan Craig French.

Here he is with my friends fellow MUAs Vincent and Anna and I:

Merry and Merry's Friend with fabulous Ryan Craig

You may have heard of him as makeup artist in movies like SAW V, and other more classic horrors. He also teaches other makeup artists and started as an actor. He describes himself as a “real makeup ARTIST” and is a terrific speaker.

When he was first sent some products from the line, he pushed them aside, thinking they weren’t any good and just looked like fancy pretty packaged makeup…Not the type of makeup a real makeup ARTIST would use. Eventually, he came across the brand again when it was in Sephora, during one of his professional presentations as a lead MUA. He noticed his assistant’s reaction to Paul & Joe when she saw the beautifully packaged makeup and skin care line on the shelf. That’s when he realized that there was a market for this kind of product line and gave them a go.

He describes the line as…seeing “a beautiful, most perfect woman walking into a room…Everybody turns and looks at her…but it’s not until you get to talk to her, and get to know what’s inside her, that you fall in love with her…” and he says this to us as he is holding a sophisticated looking eyeshadow compact, and opens it up to reveal 3 gorgeous shades of complementing shadows, which he goes on to using on a model.

As he talked through an eyebrow, face, eyes, lips and skin care demo…. my friends and I made mental shopping list notes of the key items used. I love the Duo Brow pencils (one end creates a shadow base, the other harder end draws in the hair) $18.00, the Lipsticks, (which come in reusable printed tubes which mirror, creator and designer, Sophe Albou’s current runway prints!), the coming-soon Tango Blush (which looks like NARS’ famous blush ‘Orgasm’ without the shimmer) and Paul & Joe’s Hydrating Gel, which can be patted onto the skin even after makeup application, to combat patchy, cakey areas (ex. around the nose)…oh, and the Oil Blotting Paper which comes in a pretty designed mirrored packet (like a mini tissue box in a mirror compact) $25.00.

The products are filled with good-for-your-skin French Floral and Botanical ingredients and are made using the fusion of natural ingredients and Japan technology to create great textures, gorgeous shades and long-wearing makeup.

Check it out for yourself online, or pop into 70 Yorkville Ave. (The Makeup Store has started carrying the brand and will be getting more stocks and products in soon!)

Here’s a photo of some of the products and packaging of Paul & Joe cosmetics (the first, from blogger, ‘a touch of blusher’- Thank you!) :

 Paul and Joe Spring 2008 Collection

(I’ll take a pic of their latest collection and post it next time).

 paul and joe Protective Dual Foundation with SPF 25 and Waterproof Mascara


Thank you for all the tips (loved the lining the lips from outer to inner corners to “lift” the top lip line), the laughs, the info and of course, for the Paul & Joe gifts Ryan Craig! God Bless you.

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