Prom Makeup – TV Segment

HELLO everyone!  I’m loving the sunshine! :)

Yesterday, I was stuck in traffic en route to Rogers TV (a collision on Yorkmills Rd held many commuters up during morning rush hour. Hope no one was hurt!) and just made it a few minutes late to call time. As I was setting up, news came in that the show had a couple of last-minute(!) guest cancellations.  Daytime Toronto being a LIVE show -the team quickly started throwing in ideas for how to fill the sudden segment gaps. The show must go on and all that, and may I say, they pulled it together and produced a pretty darn good one :)

Guess who got roped in? Moi. (Thanks Johanna Luna, one of the Interns who suggested I step in!)

Let this be a lesson for you, makeup artists working behind the scenesI knew I should’ve worn my trendy black blazer when I got dressed for work that morning! Thank goodness I just washed and flat ironed my hair. Ha ha

So, it being Prom Season, the 6-minute live segment was set to be on this topic. A quick  How-to-do your own Prom makeup for the more frugal moms and dads out there who are already totalling up costs for their teen’s dress or tuxedo, limo etc. Problem was, I was flying solo in the makeup room yesterday, and there were 7 guests, 4 models and hosts, Drew Carnwath and Myrocia Watamaniuk to sit in my chair and get their game faces on for the show! Did I mention the traffic jam…? Yes, so make that 7 guests, 4 models, 2 Hosts, and my model Maryella and my makeup to process in makeup room.

In between making up the guests, I managed to squeeze my own makeup in, and also decided to “cheat” by applying Maryella’s base on ahead of time so we can focus on the eye makeup and color on our short segment. Oh, and by the way, Maryella is also one of the interns and was actually busy floor assisting before and after our bit!

I didn’t have a chance to look up at the show’s schedule /segment time line which was posted on the wall, and was retouching the last model guest for the Bitter Sweet segment. I was thinking I was going to need to get myself ready and mic’d up right after them when the AD and 2 other crew members burst into the makeup room yelling, “It’s you! You’re on next! You’re on!”… aaargh! With a quick apology to the lovely ladies who were just as shocked as I was, I grabbed my tools and random stuff off my work top, forgetting the lip gloss (*sigh* Hence my “I Wish [I could finish her off with lip gloss]” and laughter at the very end of my segment).

As they were wiring me up for sound, I heard the countdown, “And 3, 2, 1…” And we were LIVE on air. I’ll try to post the video here soon. Thanks to Myrocia, making it easy and fun with her apt and fun questions, and Maryella being a fab model, joining in our banter . In no time at all, the segment was over: ending with Myrocia plugging my blog :)

The crew thanked us and even gave Maryella and I a round of applause for being such good sports and cool about the impromptu guesting. Myrocia even generously gave us gifts from Bitter Sweet as a thank you. Aaw, so sweet!

So, the show did go on, and as I often do after interviews, presentations and generally whenever I find myself doing things when I didn’t feel I was absolutely thorough, I began to wish I had (time) said something about brows, false lashes, tight liner, highlighter… …!

To make up for it, check out my next post on a quick D.I.Y. Prom Makeup Check list and Look.

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