Review: Suesh Sponge Blender

I heard about the Beauty Blender back in Toronto. And Industry pals had been blogging about this mmm, what – for 2 years now? But, even just recently I saw it for sale at one of my fave Beauty Supply sources, Pure Beauty, Serendra. They sell it with the cleanser for a special offer or on its own for less..can’t quite recall the exact retail prices right now…But it’s also available from sources for P2,399 (value P3,300) just to illustrate.

beauty blender

The original Beauty Blender

If you haven’t heard of the Beauty Blender, watch this:


I must admit, being a fan of traditional makeup to Airbrush Makeup (although I agree that Airbrush has it’s benefits and I get plenty of requests for it), I was very happy using my egg-shaped Laura Mercier foundation sponges, with uh..her Flawless Face techniques (yes, everybody knows, I’m a Laura M. girl!) So when I came across these colorful egg-shaped oval sponges in the local Sephora in Toronto, I thought- Cute! (but gimmicky)..And left it alone. I was very happy with what I’d been using: sponge and sometimes my MAC 188 Small Dual Fibre Face Brush, or my fingers! But after seeing a few clips of other MUAs using the Beauty Blender, I tried it out at a shoot… and fell in love with it!

If you know my style and makeup principle, you’ll know that I don’t like seeing Foundation on my client’s skin. Love the Flawless Face look of foundation, but..Love it to look like skin (not foundation). However, you know what I love even more?? Finding something just as good, for a lot less. Yup, cheaper. (Keep it “Streetwise”, baby!) :p    Or, as some call it: finding Dupes (= Almost as good as/the same quality but less expensive than the original, without claiming to be ‘the original’. Duplicates).

So, when I spoke to Ms Sheryll of Suesh, and she asked me to check out their Sponge Blenders (P550.00)- and gave me one as a gift to try out …

Suesh Sponge Blenders

Suesh Sponge Blenders Php550.00

The result was: I’m coming back for more, please! It expanded to almost twice its size when wet, and blended makeup beautifully when slightly damp! :) It’s not too porous so no product waste, and feels and looks very durable. Love it so much, I used it on my Bridal client last week. Congrats Raxl!

Raquel's makeup with the Suesh Sponge Blender

Me setting the beautiful bride, Raquel’s makeup with the Suesh Sponge Blender.

Watch this video of a similar review by gossmakeupartist’s channel on YouTube. And make sure you leave me some Sponge Blenders when you hightail it to Suesh to pick some up;)

Happy Valentines! Love,

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