RIP old kit

Now and again, makeup artists need to do a thorough inventory of their products (and tools) on top of the regular maintenance and cleaning of an artist’s kit. After every use, I make sure all my tools are washed and air dried properly before I put them back in my pouch, ready for the next client. All pencils are sharpened, foundation tubes and bottles have been shaken and their necks wiped clean, tub and pot lids are closed tightly, sponges, cotton pads, Q-tips, tissues and disposable wands are topped up etc.

However, for me it’s been quite a while since I’ve pulled out ALL my stuff (in my kit and in my storage aka paper bags at home) and checked each category of eyes, face, lips, cheeks and the fun stuff, to check what needs to be replenished or replaced. I’ve been busy juggling work, weddings, workshops and motherhood and just kept putting the task off. Until, that is when my trusted well-travelled old (meaning …12 years old!) makeup kit decided to breathe its last breath. The lock broke, the clasps loosened and it just refused to hold itself together any longer.

RIP old kit. We’ve been through a lot together, seen it all, met the rich and famous, travelled to all Continents, suffered through loooooong waiting/down times, multiple trips, ridiculously early call-times, frrrreezing ccccold studio temperatures in the tropical outdoor heat of Manila, and you’ve even quietly taken the blame for my scoliosis (and the loss of thousands of Philippine Pesos and Canadian Dollars that have gone to the Chiropractic Doctors and physiotherapists over the years). I will miss you.

Enter my BRAND NEW Züca Pro case! zuca pro artist case black

“Hello – I’m Merry, nice to meet you, and where the heck have you been all my life?”

If you haven’t heard of the ZÜCA – check out to see what they have to offer. As a brief background and intro: The Züca was invented by an entrepreneur and an engineer who marry and have kids, of which one develops spine problems due to a backpack loaded with heavy schoolbooks. The Züca is the most revolutionary carry-all since rolling luggage. It comes with a built-in seat that is said to be able to support up to 300 lbs and designed to tackle chronic back pain and promote healthy living. From school books, to sports gear to seasoned business travellers and road warriors- it’s the coolest, carry-on/organizer/mobile seat I’ve ever seen!

Inventory done. (Only took me a few hours!) Wanna peak?

My old kit and bags- I still love you!

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