Some Professional and Fun Kit Must-Haves

Still feeling like a newbie around here,  it can be quite a chore or an adventure trying to look for Beauty Supplies that won’t burn holes in my pocket. After all, good stuff often don’t come cheap!

As I make my journey back into high fashion and TV work, I’m building up my “Fun Kit” again,  so I thought i’d share some “Must-Have” products with you.

(Timely, as lots of people will be dressing up this coming Halloween, when my regular Beauty and Lifestyle kit may get a break). Try these products as friends or clients ask for (tips) on how to look like The Hulk or a walking dead, or a princess, or a drag queen diva! …

In the pics below:

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Palette–no makeup artist kit should be without this deep all-in-one palette. Around $100 from Sephora. Colors are in a cream form and can be used as a base to powder makeup, or on their own straight onto your face, cheeks, eyes (not the reds or oranges!) and lips. Use them to create vivid high color designs and effects or custom blend your own shades. The formula is easy to blend, so you can build the coverage up or tone the colors down for a more subtle effect. As an alternative, Ben Nye MagiCake Aqua Paint 12 Color Palette ($59.99) – have earned kudos for powerful color and rich consistency. Great for face painting children!!! The colors are bright, vivid and highly pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. MagiCake Aqua Paints dries on the face completely smudge proof. Washes off with soap and water. 12 Palette has 75-300 applications. Or try Ben Nye 12 Color Lumere Powder Palette (gives a satin, more shimmery finish that are great for the eyes). I thought these theatrical professional products were only available online, til I stumbled upon Hiscott Beauty Supplies (435 Yonge St) on my way to a shoot the other day! The store has a very good collection of the more obscure cosmetic brands, Special FX, tools, wigs etc. that professionals love and use for everything from Beauty to all-out Stage or Theatrical, and TV makeup. Just don’t count on the friendliest customer service from the owner / manager, but the guy who served me was nice and polite.

 They even have one of my fave Powders from T. Le Clerc, Paris! I love the ‘Banane’ yellow loose powder, for creating a warm, even skin complexion (great for photography work as the powders master light, and for mixed or Asian skin tones!) if applied all over the face as a “finishing” touch or on set liquid makeup. Rice starch extract makes it ideal for oily or combination skin. And those with dull, tired complexions should try the T. Le Clerc’s lilac (Parme) powder, to instantly “Lift” and add brightness to grey complexions. All the powders can be blended with each other to create an easy to use personalized colour enhancing or correcting product for you. I also love their vintage looking packaging. In fact, we gave each of my bridesmaids, ushers and Sponsors gift bags with T. Le Clerc pressed powder, lipstick, NARS eye shadow and lip gloss and Laura Mercier Eyeshadow and Lipstick. That’s to say thanks and also–sorry to my beautiful bridesmaids, for making them wear bridesmaid-looking dresses! Haha). Check out T. Le Clerc’s Lipsticks and corrective concealers which come in tubes with applicator. For years I used the Banane corrective concealer under my skin tone concealer, until I ran out and couldn’t find the Brand here. Right away, my friends started commenting on how tired I look… (hmmm..could also be coz I’d had a baby since then, but I’m sure not having the banane concealer to disguise my purple brown under eye circles made a difference too).

If  you need more than the average concealer or cover up to hide a tattoo (or 3, or…7!) or even scars and skin discolorations, check out Kryolan Derma Color Makeup Dermacolor Camouflage System. Also available at Hiscott Beauty Supplies as well as Yorkville School of Makeup (70 Yorkville Ave. Toronto). It is the Paramedical Line developed by Kryolan. ‘The Camouflage System is designed to correct skin imperfections or discolorations whether they are accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin. Dermacolor Camouflage System is especially effective in minimizing post surgical conditions either aesthetic or medical. Its effectiveness and quality are proven in intensive and long-term use under clinical supervision. The intermixable skin tones allow a natural appearance when applied as directed. With proper use of the Dermacolor Camouflage System skin abnormalities in both color and texture can be easily corrected, resulting in both weatherproof and long-lasting effects. With the most advanced Camouflage System the stress and psychological factors arising from such skin problems are lessened and the user will feel greater confidence. The program is effective for men, women and children. Toxic or allergic reaction have never been observed with the Dermacolor Camouflage System’.

And of course, my Fun kit wouldn’t be complete without some high fashion shades, colours and textures from Shu Uemura‘s Rouge Unlimited line, which promises to offer a high-tech, high-pigmented lipstick formula for vivid color, ultra-smooth application, and eight-hour moisture comfort. (Available in gorgeous shades of nudes, browns, pinks, reds and funky shades of Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow!). And let’s not forget those FALSE LASHES. Check out Shu’s LASH ART. Shu Uemura believes that false eyelashes are an extension of your personal style which changes with your ever-changing wardrobe. Over the years, shu uemura has become the ultimate authority in false eyelashes, developing a variety of designs and styles from the most natural accents to bold, dramatic statements. They don’t come cheap though! Lash prices range from $25 to $100 like the FAB editorial lashes at Holt Renfrew Shu’s counter.

Shu Lash Art


But fab lashes are also available at Sephora, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Shoppers and Walmart for less.


Last, MAC Pro products highly pigmented eyeshadows, blush and lip colours,  Glitters and Pigment pots (available at their Queen St Pro Branch only, or online for Pro members).

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    • Hi Abigail,
      Thanks for dropping by. I just let WordPress do the filtering for me, as I am not much of a techie. Ask me anything to do with makeup and I’ll be glad to answer, but anything technical…sorry! haha. My moderator page has a ‘check for spam’ thingy but I also remember choosing to filter out or block spam initially, when I was setting up my blog’s settings etc. Does “akismet” sound familliar? Sorry…I know that probably didn’t help you much, but basically, WordPress is set up so techie newbie’s like me can get things done with as little trouble as possible. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Merry, I am revamping my kit and wasn’t sure which product I was going with MU4E or Ben Nye……Ben wins, but I’m sure I’ll end up with MU4E soon enough!! Thanks. MeTeVa

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    • You’re welcome! Ben Nye is a well respected and GREAT Brand for pros. I use both Ben and MUFE in my kits. Just a shame the professional discount privelege are so lacking here in the Philippines, considering all the Artists and Stylists here. I enjoy 40% OFF with my MAC Pro and MUFE Backstage membership in Toronto, but they don’t honor it here. I’m sure you’d agree that it would be a great help!

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