IMATS 2012


I’m so excited to share my experience of the International Make-up Artist Trade Show  with you! I have already read at least 4 reviews and haul posts about IMATS Toronto, which happened over the weekend. As with a lot of things, your experience depends a lot on your expectations or personal take on it. So.. I myself, had a great time! I really needed to replenish some stock in my kits since I was away and missed last year’s IMATS. I was so glad that my shopping list pretty much consisted of the show’s line-up of exhibitors’ products, that it didn’t bother me so much that other Brands- who were previously at the show, (Ex.… Click here to read more

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My Fave Beauty Haven #3 – Pure Beauty, Serendra

The places I have featured so far, have their own unique charm about them. Their staff are friendly and welcoming, their location also dictates which place I may visit for my needs, and the products I need may point me to the direction to head. So they’re not necessarily in order of preference. But each worthy of a shout-out for being so fabulous.

Since my computer or WordPress doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me this AM, this will be (unusually) short and sweet! If you’re looking for a recognized makeup school that has a great reputation (the largest in the US, launched in 1998, California) and is in a great area – Makeup Designory (MUD) Manila, has classes right behind the cash register desk seen in the picture below.… Click here to read more

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